Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Glitz Tutorial

Hey guys! Long time no see! feels like forever anyway. This is the first look i did for the requested prom look. I like this one but its alot more bold than some would like so i did a second look. I used mostly MAC for this but when i was done with the video i was like "hello Rachel, this girl is in High School!" so i said i would post alternatives for the products. I found the almost perfect substitute for MAC Cinderfella! i have been thinking and mixing different eyeshadows and glitters trying to get the same effect as Cinderfella and i was about to give up BUT!!! i finally went out and bought the last 2 Wet N' Wild Color Icon Palettes and the Greed palette has an awesome alternative!! Theres a shimmery black and its almost the same. Cinderfella has more reflects in it but the Wet N Wild one is pretty good too, the glitter actually shows when you apply it, ive bought and tried to use different black shadows with glitter and the glitter never really shows. Not the case with this one.
I feel i look a little washed out, i blame it on the nude lipstick..... maybe im not used to wearing one color on my lid. I wanted a red lip for this look, i thought it would kinda cool. Not really, well you'll see......

MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean
MAC Cinderfella E/S
MAC Blanc Type E/S
Medium Gray E/S
MAC Shroom E/S
NYX Creamy E/S

MAC Fleur Power Blush
MAC Shimmertime Pigment Highlight

SEE! I wasnt a fan of the red, could be the shade i chose. I love my face! LOL dont you?!

They arent gonna be EXACT but they will do the trick!
From left to right:

1) Honeymoon Baked Blush from Hard Candy at Wal-Mart for about $6-$7.
2) MAC Shimmertime Pigment LTD ED Magic Mirth & Mischief
3) NYX Powder Blush in Pinky $3-$5 depending on where you go.
4) MAC Fleur Power Blush
Ok this one might be a little tricky. The left column is the Wet N' Wild Palette in Greed. The right column is the MAC stuff. So....
From Top To Bottom:

Wet N' Wild Shimmery Black/MAC Cinderfella
Wet N' Wild Matte Creamy color/MAC Blanc Type
NYX Creamy eyeshadow/MAC Shroom

In the video i also used a medium gray pigment above Cinderfella, i dont have any eyeshadow with a similar look/color to it so i couldnt compare and swatch. I did my research and NYX has a matte eyeshadow in Dark Gray that is pretty comparable to what i used. Yes i know my camera is a piece of poop!! but trust me these eyeshadows are the bizness! look they almost look the same!!! ill post up more MAC subs from these palettes, there are amazing!!

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