Thursday, May 20, 2010

A New "Healthy Lifestyle"

Ive been feeling not so cute after having my daughter, so as always i thought about starving myself and start counting calories again. The thought of it made me so sad. haha i hate looking at the nutritional facts of everything i eat! its like just let me eat in peace brain! so i decided on a better plan, my mom lost alot of weight juicing up all day. She bought herself the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer and of course i was skeptical. It worked! in about 6 months she lost 30 lbs. which is a healthy weight loss but isnt enough for me, i want to lose like 30 lbs in a month! LOL medically thats not good for your body. Healthy weight loss is about 1 lbs a week! A WEEK! thatll take forever! I lost track of myself here.......oh yeah my mom lost a bunch of weight juicing up! So she gave me her Jack Lalanne juicer cause she got the new Montel Williams juicer/soup maker/get cash anyway i can machine. Yeah my mom buys everything that talks about health on infomercials. She got me the Bullet too! i LOVE that thing! So basically my plan is to have a smoothie not a jamba juice 1,00o calorie smoothie but a frozen fruit, oj, yogurt, soy milk and sometimes powdered oats smoothie. they are actually really good. My son thinks hes on a diet too cause he drinks half of mine every morning. and for lunch when my husband gets home a light healthy meal, usually chicken, veggies and brown rice. Brown rice isnt so bad, i dont notice the difference my husband says he does but meh! and for later in the day i usually will have yogurt and granola or coffee. Im giving myself my coffee! no fat free creamer! god no. i love my coffee too much to destroy it like that! the weekends are free range to an extent i suppose, im not having a huge burger and fries but ill have a bite so i dont want to kill myself in a month and go out and eat 4 slices of pizza and cheesy bread. NO ABSOLUTELY NO SODA!! that stuff is terrible! even the "diet" soda! if your trying to lose weight and are drinking diet soda, im sorry to tell you but your doing yourself a huge disservice. Im drinking water, cranberry juice or pomegranate juice. 100% juice i hope haha thats what it says on the bottle anyway. My mom gave me some cranberry juice and i was like "mmmm cranberry juice isnt so bad!" i go to look at the label and it says "13% juice"!!! what the H-E double hockey sticks is that!!! basically the rest is sugar, water and food coloring! 100% cranberry juice isnt too bad either though i guess i would say that when all i have been drinking before that is water lol. I have been doing this for about a week and since i am the instant satisfaction kind of dieter im very discouraged i havent lost anything! Then again i havent been exercising or doing any cardio. I seriously cant seem to find the time, i guess i could be exercising right now instead of talking about exercising huh? :D HAA! Im liking this new "healthy lifestyle" thing its really not hard and in all honesty guys if i can sit here and tell you that im liking it and not finding it too difficult not to scarf down pizza, fries and pan dulce (mexican sweet bread:my weakness!) then it isnt so bad! cause i am a horrible eater, i usually wont eat much all day and then i eat whatever i see in the middle of the day and thats really bad eating. one HUGE meal a day is the recipe to be fat! LOL believe me i did it to myself! I lost 50 lbs when i was 16 i was at 139 lbs :( makes me want to cry when i think about it. then at 17 i found my future husband and got too comfortable, years went by and i gained weight lil by lil. i looked at myself one day and i was like OMFG!! im a fatty again! i saved my favorite skinny jeans, they are the ones i wore on me and my husbands first date! a size 29!!!! again OMFG!! i dont know if ill ever get into them again seems somewhat impossible when i look at them and they look like they can button up on my thigh! So basically i think it will be helpful for me to talk about this somewhere and since im not a very good diary keeper im going to do it here! I do keep a log on what i eat all day everyday supposedly thats good cause then you wont want want to write down you ate chips and dip on there. i read that somewhere, dont know how effective it is but im doing it. Ill let you know my progress if i ever have any! i do need to start doing some cardio, im pretty sure thatll boost up the weight loss! lol wish me luck!!

Tutorial: Kat 2.0

Kat Von D again?? *aarrggghh* is that what your saying?? well this one is a million times better!!! My last Kat look was "aight" wasnt bold or dark enough to be deemed Kat Von D. So i recently saw the season finale of i dont know what season but she was a wearing a bright blue with blue glitter, you all know im a sucker for glitter! im not sure what she had on her other eye..... might have been gold. I decided to go green, i say red is my favorite color but i think it might be green. lol i do alot of green looks, maybe its just my favorite eyeshadow color. Im love love loving wearing 2 color eyeshadows so i need to stop calling them Kat Von D anything cause im going to be doing them often!
FYI: those Jesses Girl Sparklers, the glitter is great but dont bother using the "application liquid" or that ridiculous wand!! It was insane, the wand shifted my eyeshadow and the liquid creased my eyeshadow, i just ended up using my finger it worked so much better. Your hands are always your best tool. 20 minutes after applying the glitter it was all over my cheeks! I seriously need to invest in some mixing medium. I have tried the homemade mixing medium 1 part water and 1 part glycerin but instead of water i used Visine, it works fairly well. The glitter didnt budge it stayed put but what did happen was creasing of my eyeshadow, i only used it on my bottom lash line i havent tried it on my lid. Now this Cherry Bomb lipstick is the poo!

Soft Ochre Paint Pot
Wet N Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil in Distress
Jesses Girl Pigment in Secret Weapon
MAC E/S in Bang On Blue
Wet N Wild Pride Palette Matte Navy Blue
Glam Couture Cosmetics E/S in Snowflake
Jesses Girl Sparklers glitter in Royal Blue

Soft Ochre Paint Pot
Wet N Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil in Envy
Jesses Girl Pigment in Kiwi Rose
MAC E/S in Wondergrass
MAC E/S Bottle Green
Glam Couture Cosmetics E/S in Snowflake
Jesses Girl Sparklers glitter in Ocean Spray
MAC Alls Good Beauty Powder
MAC MSF Soft n Gentle
MAC MSF Cheeky Bronze

Jordana Lipliner Plush Red
Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick in Cherry Bomb

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tutorial: Midori Melon

Hey guys! FINALLY a tutorial!! I recorded another one today so ill have one up tomorrow too! OH im on a roll! So i wore this look Saturday, the babies and i spent the weekend at my moms. My husband is in the Army Nat'l Gaurd so he has monthly weekend training and i dont like staying by myself, especially since it was his first one since my daughter was born. I would have gone crazy by myself. LOL

Usually if im going to be making a tutorial I pick out my make up the night before. I just mix and match in my head and pull out what i need and put it together the next day. I didnt do that on Friday, much too much was going on. So in the morning I wasnt really sure what i was going for but i had my 88 palette in front of me so i just picked out some colors and this is what happend. I really like the way orange and green compliment each other, but i didnt want full on bright orange eyeshadow on my lids so i went with a melon color. I used my 88 palette for the whole look except my crease i used Bottle Green from MAC.

I had my trusty Soft Ochre Paint Pot as a base and then i used the Wet N Wild creme shadow pencil in Pixie. It worked awesome! No creasing, no fading, no flaking! So for 2 bucks its pretty dang good! I wasnt too fond of my eyebrows lol i wanted to have a higher arch that day but since my eyebrows or getting pretty full you can see lil hairs peeking through. SO CUTE!! hahaha I did absolutely nothing special to my hair that day, i just the usual twist, push and pin i do when im being lazy.

88 Palette
MAC Bottle Green E/S
Ben Nye Dark Tech Rouge
MAC MSF Cheeky Bronze
NYX Red Hot Lipliner
Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick in Coral-ine
Revlon Lipstick in Kiss Me Coral

Monday, May 17, 2010


I had already told you about me going to my Rite Aid for formula and found they had the new Wet N Wild stuff.... WELL! I had to go back to Rite Aid for i forgot what but i knew what i was doing i intentionally went there, i figured i could pick up a lipstick or 2. The make up gods were smiling upon me on Friday! The Wet N Wild stuff was buy one get one FREEEEE! oh yeah! i hyperventilated and picked up some stuff for only $14!! Not too shabby if you ask me. 4 lipsticks 3 shadow pencils and 3 liquid liners..... pretty awesome shopping.

I also told you guys that i absolutely needed to buy all 20 shades of the Mega Last Lipsticks and since lipsticks are starting to be my favorite new thing to buy, lets start there. These lipsticks go for $2.99 each, I had said i wanted "Vamp it up" but when i looked at in the store it looked very similar to "Va Va Violet" that i just got from Revlon, so i passed on that one for now.

From the left:

916D Ravin' Raisin: a muted plum very pretty, ill be using this one soon.

915B Spiked With Rum: i need more neutral lip colors and this one is a very warm brown tan. Kind of reminds me of Warm Me up from MAC.

911D Stoplight Red: This one is a total and complete duplicate of MAC Ruby Woo, which my favorite red lipstick. This one isnt as drying as a MAC matte lipstick and im really liking that. This one seems a lil brighter too.

918D Cherry Bomb: i dont have a lip color like this, its a burgundy red/brown. I seriously cant wait to use this one.

Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencils. These are $1.99 and well worth the 2 dollars! They arent part of the "NEW" line, they are OG to WnW. I got these to use as a primer under my eyeshadows, i dont have anything i can use as a primer in blue or green so i was pretty excited about these pencils. The light beigey color i got because i needed to get something else to complete the BOGO sale. I needed and even number. They wear really well, theres NO CREASING! I had my doubts, i was afraid as soon as i put on the eyeshadow and looked down to put more product on the brush that i would be creasing. Not the case. My eyeshadow looked great all day.

From the left:

134 Distress: A deep blue, i cant wait to use this. It would be great under a purple shadow or a pink with purple/blue undertones.

132 Envy: This is a very light sheer green color, i was looking for a darker color but im sure this will come in handy.

130 Pixie: This one reminds me of MAC Bare Study Paint Pot. Its a champaigne with silver shimmer its really pretty, im glad i had to buy it. lol I wore this one on Sat. as a primer and it worked extremely well.

Now these i wasnt really into but i have been looking for colored liquid liner, so i thought id give them a try. Hey they were buy one get one free so why not? They are $2.99, and these arent part of the "NEW" line either but that doesnt mean they are lower in quality. The only thing i dont like about them is they have a brush applicator, im used to the felt tip or i use a script brush to apply liner. Other than that i have no complaints. They stay all day, they dont fade, or chip away and they apply evenly. You do have to fan your eyes so they completely dry or youll get the liner on your lid when you open up your eyes.
From the left:

862 Blue: it looks like a light blue in the bottle, on my hand it looks very very light periwinkle blue. I thought i could use this with red lipstick and a bare eye with this as liner but now im not sure. Ill have to work with it. Its "cute".

865 Brown: I could NOT leave this one behind, shes the reason why i had to buy the Pixie creme pencil. It reminds me of Gilt By Association in liquid liner form. It has bronze and silver shimmer in it! you can barely see it in the picture but its a gorgeous color!

863 Turqouise: Every make up company has a liquid liner this color but how many have them for $2.99? Not many. I wore this one on Sat too and i loved it. i thought it was going to dry and pull my lids and give me that ugly wrinkly liner, not at all! Im amazed, im a HUGE WnW fan now!

Now you would think id stop there right? Its BUY ONE GET ONE FREE people! How could i? I went down to hang out with my mom for the weekend and we went to where else? Rite Aid! Now the make up gods were not smiling on me that day, everything was wiped out!!! Well the good stuff was, the Mega Stay lipsticks, GONE. Eyeliner Pencils, GONE. Eyeshadows, GONE. I was so sad, i found the one lipstick by chance in the Revlon section. LOL

I got some nail polishes, lipsticks, and Jesses Girl Sparklers. The Jesses Girl stuff wasnt BOGO but my Rite Aid doesnt have these and ive been needing new glitter colors so naturally i bought them!

Wet N Wild Craze Nails Color. These arent my usual nail polish colors but i need to start thinking out of the box, these colors stood out to me. They are $1.99. They had a few other colors but not many im telling you it looked like it was ransacked it was crazy. Now excuse my messy man hands but i painted my nails quickly for the pictures and chewed my nails off this weekend. Always happens, they get nice and long and then i start picking at them. I need to rub them with garlic.

233 Rustic: Its basically a bronze color nothing really special about it, i liked it because i thought about doing my nails with leopard print once and i didnt have the right colors for it. Now i do. The sparkle in these nail polishes are somewhat chunky, not like glitter chunky but they arent as fine as say a shimmer. Its different and im kinda liking it.

231 Shield: This is a really nice neutral color polish. Ive been on the hunt for a nice gold nail polish, im not saying this is it but for now itll do. I think its actually supposed to be a silver color, the thumbnail on the site is a silver color but this nail polish is more of a taupey pale gold with silver sparkle. I doubt ill ever wear it alone simply because i feel its too natural a color on me. Itll make nice leopard spots though.

I had to buy the Wild Shine lipstick, again i needed an even number. :D
From the left:
Wild Shine Lip Lacquer in Rapture: I wasnt too happy with buying this one i thought to myself i should have bought another nail polish but i actually like it! It comes of sheer but its buildable its a red berry color maybe kinda like Blood Red from MAC. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE SCENT!! It smells like uhmmm pixie sticks?? Wet N Wild is notorious for nasty smelling lipsticks though so i cant say nobody warned me. I can live with it though. Overall i dont hate myself for having got this one.
Mega Last Lip Color in 907C Mauve Outta Here: I LOVE IT. thats all i need to say. haha its a light pink, matte and will look great on anybody. The end.

Im kinda liking these....... im not liking that you only get 1g of glitter for $4.99. when Splash Cosmetics glitter is like 3g for $3 but anway, the colors are different sooooo. They had gold, silver, red and i think thats it. ,he glitter is just regular glitter. I thought it would be more fine and soft but no. It alright though all glitter is good.

It has a wand like this. You dip it in the "application liquid" which is in the black tube you get 1g of that as well, i guess its kinda like their own personal mixing medium. Its kinda watery so i dont know if ill be using the liquid very often. so you dip it in the liquid then dip it in the glitter and voila! Its for face and body you you can put it anywhere you heart desires. I think its pretty handy to have them both on the same tube, for when you go out or whatever you always have some "mixing medium" handy for glitter! Am i the only one with that problem?

From the left:
Ocean Spray: Its a good name for it, cause its basically what it is. Its not green it not blue. Kinda like a minty green i guess. Not a common glitter color, that i have seen anyway.
Royal Blue: I already have blue glitter! LOL i totally had a brain fart at the check out counter.

I already told you guys i found a Cinderfella Dupe which is NYX Cryptonite. I couldnt take picture swatches for you guys cause my camera wasnt cooperating but i have my moms camera! so here you go! Cryptonite is on the left and Cinderfella is on the right. No flash cause then you wouldnt be able to see the glitter. Cyptonite is actually more black and Cinderfella is like a charcoal. Cinderfella does have different sizes of shimmer/glitter so it is more glitzy, but Cryptonite has ALOT of glitter so it makes up for it.

VERY Good Hair Day

Not too crazy about the make up but im LOVE LOVE LOVING my hair!!!! I know it sounds so narcissistic but i had never done my hair like this before and it came out so awesome! I dont have bangs, my fringe hair goes to about my nose now sooo i had tried to curl them under with a curling iron many times but when it came to pinning it down it would look terrible and stiff do to too much hairspray.
So the other day i was in the bathroom and i was playing with my hair and i remembered i saw a video along time ago from retropinup13 and she showed her technique for faux bettie bangs. i tried it and it didnt work for me, not like i expected it to anyway. so i got irritated, slapped on some of my husband hair putty and Oh mylanta! it worked! Just on the end of section and hairspray on the top.
This is the result! I also have exciting news! My wonderful beautiful forgetful mother left her camera at my house! Its the same Sony Cyber Shot i have but its a newer model therefore.... it has HD and god knows what else! SO! i might just record a hair tutorial this week! YAY!
This is hair from the night before.... i slept in my new do, i did it in the middle of the night. So i woke up and tweaked it a lil. Its actually better to do it the night before so the next day you want to wear it, your hair will already be teased and in the shape you want it to be so when you go to actually fix it up your hair it will cooperate! Get me? I do it all the time!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I said in my post this morning that Cora aka VintageorTacky is always beating me to awesome cheap finds but im going to do this anyway because i kinda feel like it. LOL I went to my Rite Aid today to "quickly" get some formula for my daughter, i didnt think it posed much of a threat only because i havent been wanting anything from any "drugstore" cosmetic line lately and i KNEW that this Rite Aid carried Wet N Wild but not any of the new awesome stuff. I had gone there like a fiend looking for the Color Icon Palettes and they didnt have them or any the new lipstick. Of course of all the days to fix up the Wet N Wild rack and stock it up with all the new stuff it had to be today! I walked by and just kinda skimmed while walking and i kept walking! only i looked back and saw the palettes and i was like "oh wait a minute!" and made a u turn. They now have the new palettes and some other palettes of 3 eyeshadows which are also amazing. Recently though i find that i desperately want to collect the new Mega Last Lip Color Lipsticks. I bought one when i first saw them at target and i loved it! Then i bought 2 more next time and i said thats it! i must have them! I picked up 2 more today, super awesome! I need new adjectives. LOL oh! how about stunning! oh i like it!


Starting from the left:

903C Just Peachy: looks more like a nude color on me, i thought it would look more like a soft peachy ish color to use on a "no make up day" but nah looks nude. On fair skin i think it would look gorgeous, it would actually give of the peach tone.

904B Rose-Bud: I really like this one, a soft pink. Everybody needs a color like this for when they want color on the lips but not full on color.

905D Smokin' Pink: To me this looks ALOT like Impassioned from MAC i have it and trust me they look the same. Except this one is more wearable for those who arent used to bright color on the lips. Impassioned is beautiful but it has that "neon" effect when you put it on.

909D Coral-ine: It said Coral so i had to buy it. Its a great color but not really coral if you ask me, looks like an orange toned red. For 3 bucks im not going to complain.

908C Sugar Plum: *squeals with joy* AMAZING AMAZING color! Reminds me of Rebel from MAC, i dont own it so i cant say for sure but i have swatched it and it looks alot like that! lol it looks even better on you guys, medium/dark skin tone girls you must have this!


Just a lil info..... i went on the Wet N Wild website to make sure of the names because they only have numbers on the bottom not the actual name. I cant find the "Smokin Pink" on the website i dont know if that means they dont make it anymore which i doubt, but i know there is more to the name of the lipstick..... "Smokin Hot Pink"?? Maybe?? These lipstick are $2.99!!!! OMG!! There are 20 shades!! AHHH! Vamp it Up and Cherry Bomb sound interesting. So when i get my hands on more of these bad boys ill swatch and share!

Copy Cat: Goldie Starling

Hola! Alrighty, i did this look on Saturday.... I kinda felt like a Power Ranger. LOL I was going through my subscriptions the other day on YouTube, and im not sure the video i saw from GoldieStarling but she had a link for a blog and i clicked and tada! She just started a blog no too long ago and the look shes wearing in her photo is her Sugar Pill Cosmetics (for which i am DYING to get my hands on!) Inspired look. I had to rummage around her videos to find it but i did!! and then i found out she used Sugar Pill.... WAH WAH WAH. So i just went through my stuff and recreated it the way i wanted to. See you dont need EXACTLY what the person in the video is using. Use what ya got. So basically her look was a yellow with an awesome tealish blue color, my plan was to mix Electric Eel and Blue Sky (glam couture) but when i applied Blue Sky it seemed fine so i didnt bother with Electric Eel. I didnt want to leave it just yellow and blue so i went ahead and put a mix of Vibrant Grape and Fig.1 in my crease. I didnt take it too high because i didnt want to take away from the blue, i wanted the blue and yellow to stand out i just needed that extra something in there. My highlight i think i used Blanc Type. I stick to certain shadows when i like how it looks as a highlight, like with Nylon and Creamy, before that was Retrospeck and many moons ago was Opal and White from NYX and now Blanc Type i really like the effect it gives. Ill find something new.

I love these new lashes too! They are Ardell Wispies, i got them from my trusty Target. They look natural (maybe to me cause i use mega drag queen lashes LOL) but long and they give you the flirty eye! super cuuute! I took pictures before i applied liner on my waterline i was going to leave it bare but then i put Electric Blue from NYX and it looked pretty cool. OHHHHH!! i used my By Candlelight MSF that day and i put it in my lil make up bag that goes in my purse for the day and i left it on my coffee table like a genius!!!! and my son got a hold of it and BAM threw it on the floor, i didnt check the bag or anything i just put it up on the kitchen counter...... lets fast forward to the next day. So there i was putting on my make up and i started going through my lil pouch looking for my FAVORITE MSF and then!! TUN TUN TUN! I found it shattered in my bag!! NNOOO WHHHYYYY!!! Take meeeeeee!! I can still use it and most of it stayed in the compact so its not a total loss but still *sigh* breaks my heart.
Soft Ochre Paint Pot
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
MAC Chrome Yellow (on the lid up to crease)
MakeUp For Ever Yellow Pigment (Over Chrome Yellow)
Glam Couture Blue Sky (above crease)
MAC Vibrant Grape and Fig.1 (in the crease)
MAC Blanc Type (highlight)
Jesses Girl Loose Shadow in Secret Weapon (inner corner)

MAC Fluer Power
MAC MSF By Candlelight :''(

NYX Lipliner in Deep Purple
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Madison Mauve

Hello, Hello!

hello my lovely people...... yes yes i am alive. I cant say ive been busy, well i guess i have, having 2 babies under the age of 1 can take alot out of you! i have alil time now so i thought id let you guys know whats going on in the life of Rachel.... I planned on making a tutorial this morning and posting it this afternoon but last night i forgot to wash my brushes and since i ran out of brush cleanser i cant do the fast fix. On that note, im putting in an order on MAC online i dont know if i should just make the drive down to my nearest counter or order online. PROS to ordering online is i can get it up to 50 bucks for free shipping and that would make a perfect excuse for husband so i an get extra stuff LOL CONS: it takes forever! im an instant satisfaction type of girl! Ill probably end up ordering online i already know what im gonna get! so im excited. MAC shopping is always fun for me. Its kind of soothing for me.... sounds stupid i know but I like it! i cant really explain it. I havent really been doing my face lately, just on Sat. my best friend and her soon to be husband... (yay! im excited) came over. I redid a look from GoldieStarling another one of my favorite people. Ill post that up later and of course i kinda through my own 2 cents in there. speaking of my favorite you tube people.... Cora aka VintageorTacky is always beating me to the punch on reviewing awesome cheapo things! Im too slow... i must be quicker. She beat me with the Wet n wild palettes and now i just saw her video on crappy drugstore buys (not her words those are mine) and she talks about how awesome the new wet n wild matte lipsticks are. and they are!! i have 3 and im telling you guys wet n wild is improving quality dramatically!! its not just for your baby neice anymore! i have only found the wet n wild palettes and matte lipsticks at my Target Supercenter, my friend tells me she cant find them at her local Target. So i dont know whats up with that. One things she does have is a pretty awesome selection of ELF brushes, the black handles PRO brushes. i didnt get any when i was down there but i regret it. OH!!! and my very awesome very best friend that i love oh so dearly! found me a Cinderfella dupe!! oh yes people! The wet n wild palette has one too but this one has the super shimmer chunky glitter!! are you ready?!?! alright ill tell you... Its Cryptonite from NYX!! oh yes..... she gave me one cause she already had the eyeshadow and had now idea and bought another one! LUCKY ME!! so i was in awe on how similar they are!! and if my camera didnt suck so much id swatch them for you! LOL trust me guys buy that eyeshadow if your kicking yourself for not getting Cindefella im kicking myself for actually buying it! Still need one for Gilt By Association, that ill NEVER regret buying. Beautiful color! alright well i hear my son talking to himself meaning hes awake and hungry! LOL im off to wash dishes and feed my children!! this was fun ill do it again, I cant really talk to my husband about my make up/random ventures and my bestie is always busy cause she has no kids! LOL so from now on..... you guys will be my....... whats the word..... not shoulder to cry on.... something like that but in a fun way! My P.I.C's?? hahaha Role Models was a hilarious movie a must watch! Its Partner In Crime by the way. Oh!! im not sure what tutorial to do next.... i have a request for an Orange and gold tutorial and kinda want to do a dark purple look i saw on the IMATS promo online, and another is a Callowlily look.......which sounds more fun? Now im off!