Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Glitz Tutorial

Hey guys! Long time no see! feels like forever anyway. This is the first look i did for the requested prom look. I like this one but its alot more bold than some would like so i did a second look. I used mostly MAC for this but when i was done with the video i was like "hello Rachel, this girl is in High School!" so i said i would post alternatives for the products. I found the almost perfect substitute for MAC Cinderfella! i have been thinking and mixing different eyeshadows and glitters trying to get the same effect as Cinderfella and i was about to give up BUT!!! i finally went out and bought the last 2 Wet N' Wild Color Icon Palettes and the Greed palette has an awesome alternative!! Theres a shimmery black and its almost the same. Cinderfella has more reflects in it but the Wet N Wild one is pretty good too, the glitter actually shows when you apply it, ive bought and tried to use different black shadows with glitter and the glitter never really shows. Not the case with this one.
I feel i look a little washed out, i blame it on the nude lipstick..... maybe im not used to wearing one color on my lid. I wanted a red lip for this look, i thought it would kinda cool. Not really, well you'll see......

MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean
MAC Cinderfella E/S
MAC Blanc Type E/S
Medium Gray E/S
MAC Shroom E/S
NYX Creamy E/S

MAC Fleur Power Blush
MAC Shimmertime Pigment Highlight

SEE! I wasnt a fan of the red, could be the shade i chose. I love my face! LOL dont you?!

They arent gonna be EXACT but they will do the trick!
From left to right:

1) Honeymoon Baked Blush from Hard Candy at Wal-Mart for about $6-$7.
2) MAC Shimmertime Pigment LTD ED Magic Mirth & Mischief
3) NYX Powder Blush in Pinky $3-$5 depending on where you go.
4) MAC Fleur Power Blush
Ok this one might be a little tricky. The left column is the Wet N' Wild Palette in Greed. The right column is the MAC stuff. So....
From Top To Bottom:

Wet N' Wild Shimmery Black/MAC Cinderfella
Wet N' Wild Matte Creamy color/MAC Blanc Type
NYX Creamy eyeshadow/MAC Shroom

In the video i also used a medium gray pigment above Cinderfella, i dont have any eyeshadow with a similar look/color to it so i couldnt compare and swatch. I did my research and NYX has a matte eyeshadow in Dark Gray that is pretty comparable to what i used. Yes i know my camera is a piece of poop!! but trust me these eyeshadows are the bizness! look they almost look the same!!! ill post up more MAC subs from these palettes, there are amazing!!

Glamour Tutorial

Hey guys! This is look 2 of the prom requested look. I still CAN NOT remember the girls name! it was SFlisa.... or lisaSF, sorry i need ginkobiloba! So with the first look i went more dramatic and i keep saying funky but really it isnt, just more dramatic and dark. This one is very classic and more neutral looking. I like this one best for prom actually, it wont look so harsh in pictures and the red lip will really pop. You can always change it up if you dont want such a bold lip, a rosy neutral color would be good.
I used ONLY the Wet N' Wild Color Icon palette in Greed for this look. Those palette are AMAZING!! I had to get all 4 of them! I need to post swatches! The first look has substitutes from another palette, or maybe the same one. I Cant remember. Like i say in the video i wanted to use inexpensive products for this look because i know when i was going to prom it was sooo expensive! My mom was a single mother, God Bless Her and with buying my dress and getting my hair and nails done, shoes, and accessories. A $15 eyeshadow was NOT on the agenda! Especially if i needed more than one! So my make up on prom was very neutral, i just had one eyeliner, blush, and red lipstick! Well powder of course! I used very little make up back in the day, what happened?! LOL So i hope this look helps out the mystery Lisa! If your reading im so sorry! But thank you for the request it was fun when i finally got to it! I hope you liked either look and are able to use them!
Wet N' Wild palette in Greed
-Matte Pink
-Shimmery Pink
-Shimmery Lilac
-Matte Black
-Matte Cream

Loreal True Match Blush in Apricot Kiss

NYX Lipliner in Deep Purple
Revlon Endless Lipstick in Crimson Joy

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So today was gloomy,windy,cold, and rainy. The weather seemed to have taken an effect on my mood, i felt like "aarrggghh"!!! Ever get like that?? I just wanted to crawl in a hole and sleep til summer... the hole being my bedroom. I think i just need a date night or a girls night out. I need to do something! I did manage to make a few tutorials for you guys though. i need to edit a couple which are requests. Well 2 videos are for the same request, a look for prom. I did one more dramatic kinda fun look and another more elegant?? i guess would be the word. I have been pushing requests back not because i dont want to do them but because when i make a video the look i do stays on me for the rest of the day. So depending on how i feel or want to do that day determines the order of the requests. Do i make sense? The next video im doing is also a request for orange and gold, should be fun! Good news though i found a new spot to make my videos! Its going to be so much better, the lighting is better and you dont have to see my messy mess behind me. I was just hard headed and i just HAD to make my video at my vanity! Right now im just taking everything i need for the look with me to the spot im recording at and its working out just fine, so Im waiting for my husband to go back to work so i can start making the videos in the new spot. Also so i can do my foundation tutorial, i want to do that in the new spot which is just my bathroom vanity! lol I have been getting alot of questions and requests for hair tutorials. Its just that i record myself from my digital camera which is why its so blurry alot of the times. So if i do a hair tutorial you wont be able to make anything out! lol So im working on getting a camcorder. That would be so awesome! YAY! HAIR TUTORIALS!!! Sooooooo last night i was watching a video, and they used a MAC greasepaint stick. I asked myself if the greasepaint sticks were part of the permanent line.... so i went on the website and then!!! TUN TUN TUN! I saw a new collection! NNOOOO WHYY?!?! The Pret-A-Papier Collection. So i looked up temptalia.com of course for swatches and she doesnt have any yet! I guess it doesnt launch until tomorrow.... April 22. and i cant go look and maybe buy until Monday. Did you know coral is super hot for spring and i guess summer? I have been obsessed with finding the perfect coral lipstick and most importantly a coral blush. Im starting to think because of my skin tone that ill never find one. This collection has alot of coral going on, a coral colored paint pot that i have my eye on. 2 coral colored lipsticks also have my eye on those, 2 lipglasses and a blush. Im hoping the blush will be what im looking for although it is a shimmer blush.... not a fan of shimmer blush, but ill give it a try. I have alot of shimmer blushes because i used to love shimmer, i think i have said that before but idk... i guess i should mix it up some. I doubt that im the only one that makes a list of things she want so i alradyhavemy list of things i want to check out from the collection and what happens is the list is huge! and i end up only gettng like 2 things lol. ONLY for lack of cash not because i dont want everything. i always wanr everything! I need a part time job at MAC, should save me some cash right? well the whole check would recycle itself back into the company. True Story.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

To Post......Or Not To Post......

Alright guys...... I recorded a tutorial for this look with the intentions of posting it on my YouTube Channel, but after I got done with the look i wasnt to sure if i was loving it. My thoughts are if IM not loving it, why in the world would YOU guys love it?! Its cute, i guess its alright. Of course dramatic and dark, but it was painted alot better in my head. LOL. You know what i think it is?? I just cant keep a black eyeshadow look BLACK!! Like with this, look in my head it was a midnight/tar/lump of coal BLACK! It looks like a soft black. Very disappointing. I used the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean as a base so i thought it would keep the E/S looking matte black and I used Carbon from MAC which is the blackest eyeshadow i own. I was also thinking about getting a pigment..... would that have more staying power and intensity im looking for? Any thoughts? Suggestions? Any would be appreciated! Another reason im on the fence with one is because, again in my head i pictured matte white and black but when i was doing the eyeshadow and i was applying the bases a little light bulb went off in my head and it was blinking "use a shimmery white!" soooooo i did...... what a nerd!!!! Of course, i used a pigment of all things! So now the white shimmery-ness of the pigment is inching itself onto the black shadow! and making it a grayish color. Hey look another light bulb just went off and it said "maybe thats why the black shadow isnt so black?" lol
By the end of the day i looked like a hot mess. SERIOUSLY! The eyeshadow looked completely unblended, kind of in the pics too, and the black liner in my water line was eeking into the outer corners of my eyes. I dont know, i just hated they way it looked later on in the day. Usually my make up doesnt look "melted off my face" until i dont need it anymore! HA! Have you ever done your make up and looked at pics later and cringed? Im kinda doing that now...... Anyway!!! The point of this crybaby whimpy whiner post is to ask the advice of my lovely readers. Should i post the video or not??

Friday, April 16, 2010

REVIEW: Revlon Lipsticks

Hello hello! I have a little bit of exciting news well its not really a huge deal but i think i may have found a perfect substitute for a certain MAC lipstick that people seem to love and always rave about, but for that you will have to wait! I went down to my CVS again yesterday and Revlon was having a Buy One Get One 50% off sale, so naturally i NEEDED to get something!! I initially had my heart set on the Revlon Photo Finish Foundation. I really want to try it out. I have been watching some really great reviews on it and of course i wanted to let you guys know how well it wears. I have to tell you guys that i was selfish, please forgive me. I left the store with 6! lipsticks! I know, I know, but my next CVS purchase will be the foundation! I also want to pick up the Loreal Studio Secrets Make Up Base i think thats what its called. Im running low on my primer so im going to give that one a try. Alright enough babbling.
These first 2 lipsticks are from the Revlon Matte Collection. The first one is Mauve It Over #003. As you can see in the picture (or maybe you cant! LOL) it is a neutral fleshy color, not mauvey at all. The bottom one is Pink About It #004. It is somewhat of a bright pink, it has a coral undertone to it. Its a beautiful color, the downside on these matte lipstick is that they are sooo drying!! Yes i know every matte lipstick is drying but these more than the usual! Before they dry up they get into the little crevices of your lips, in every lil wrinkle you have and THEN dry up! So you have a Cruella DeVille look going on! Then if you try to Re-apply it gets cakey and blotchey, not cute. I DO NOT like these lipsticks! I say that now, but let me try and work with them. Maybe if i use a lip conditioner under them.... but seriously, i doubt it. IN MY OPINION it seems like the Revlon Matte Collection is a big fail, i dont like the eyeshadows either. : ( Evil woman, i know.

Now these I LOVE!!! The top one is Orange Flip #710 from the Moon Drops Coll. Its in the old school green lipstick tube. This color is awesome! I got it because i have been wanting Morange from MAC and i figured for now this will work quite nicely, and it does! Only that Morange is an Amplified Creme finish, meaning that the color payoff is outstanding and they are so opaque. The Revlon one is more of a kind of lustre finish if you will. Its glossy, sheer but buildable. Im still going to love using this one! I smell a tutorial! The one in the center is Kiss Me Coral #750 from the Super Lustrous Lipstick Coll. It comes in the black tube with gold band. Now i have been looking for the perfect coral lipstick for what seems like ages. I cant say i found it in this one. The color is somewhat like....... BLAGH. Understand? its a nice color, i suppose if i use the Orange Flip over it, it will be an awesome color. Kind of reminds me of Ever Hip from MAC, this one has a lil more color pay off though. The bottom one is my favorite!! Its Va Va Violet #663. Its a gorgeous dark purple. It looks like it has somewhat of a red violet tone to it in the picture, but its totally purple! Dramatic, dark and just the way i like them!

This one is the doozy, one of these is MAC Up The Amp lipstick and the other is a Revlon lipstick. Did you guess yet? Well the top one is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Berry Haute #660. The bottom one is MAC Up The Amp. You can kinda see the difference in the finish. Again the Revlon lipsticks have the kind of Lustre finish to them. I saw this one and i was like "heeey i over paid for Up The Amp!" The Revlon lipstick has more light blue pink to it and the MAC has more purple lilac in it, but hey! Its an awesome duplicate! Just thought id share, I was excited. Overall i really like the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks. They are creamy, but they dont shift all over your lips and feather out. Shiny and have great color payoff. The price varies on where you go from $7-$9, its still a good deal, and of course you always have the BOGO sales! Im going to invest into some more lip products, ive focused on eyeshadows for a long time. Revlon is an awesome brand, or "drug store" brand. I read somewhere that Revlon was actually a "high end" brand in its day. Goes to show you the quality in these products. Well some, lets exclude the Matte Collection!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Riddle Me This Tutorial

OK so you know i HAD to try out my green liner with a look! This isnt really what i was going for, i wanted the liner to be more of the focal point but thats hard to do when you have 3 different shades of bright green going on. When i think about creating a bright "look at me" look, i automatically go for my 120 Pro Palette. I havent seen such BRIGHT PIGMENTED MATTE eyeshadows. Granted i havent really checked out the MakeUp Forever shadows, i hear good things about their matte shadows. To be honest with this palette there really is no need. Besides the need of a fiend like myself that has to have 50 different shades of the same color! Ok guys i said in my video that i was going to have my wisdom teeth pulled out : ( so im thinking i wont be gone too lone from making videos.... i have requests that i have NOT forgotten about OH and my fever blister is gone! woo! except for a lil schmutz there on my lip but its practically nothing. I think my Foundation video might be next. Just keep up with me on my blog... thanks guys!
MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35
MAC Select Sheer Powder Pressed NC40

MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot (lashline to brow bone)
MAC Blanc Type E/S (lashline to brow bone)
120 Pro Palette Green Shadows
MAC Carbon E/S (crease)
Physicians Formula Green Gel Liner
MAC Black Track Fluid Line (waterline)

MAC Pinch Me Blush
Loreal True Match Blush in Apricot Kiss (over pinch me)

NYX Lipliner in Fuschia
MAC Lipstick in Blood Red
Splash Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow in Pineapple Delight (center of lips)

Monday, April 12, 2010

REVIEW: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips & Gel Liners

Alright guys, this is a super awesome special post! There i am walking around my CVS and their make up selection is pretty good but the replenishment of stock sucks! I initially went to look for a specific product that they didnt have! im going to review the product im talking about later so dont feel left out. So i just began to browse i went through the Rimmel stuff... nothing really awesome there. I went through the nail polishes and found out they carry O.P.I! Woo! I went by the Physicians Formula which takes me back to my youth. LOL i used to love love love one of their blushes! I see it and it takes me back! Anyway i picked up a stacker of gel liners, it was the only one left the rest were sold out; for good reason! but what really caught my eye was the purple lilac-ish liner in the center. It was the Eye Enhancing Hazel Eyes stacker. Then i looked across from me and there was a whole end cap with more gel liners but these included the eyeshadows! Now mind you i wasnt necessarily blown away by the shadows, but more the price! The gel liners themselves cost $10.99 which is amazing for 3 liners! but this little "special value" pack was $14.99!!! so for $4 more i got the eyeshadow palette from the "POP!" Collection. I got the Enhance Green Eyes pack ONLY because i fell in love with the green gel liner! I couldnt leave that gorgeous leprechaun green, it had to come home with me!

POP! Enhance Green Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

This palette has 7.5G of product in it. Pretty good yeah? Compared to a MAC E/S which is 1.5G in one pot...... doing the math each shadow is about 1.2G so only .03G off! WHOA!

I applied the shadows with a small Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow brush, Soft Ochre Paint Pot as a base. I forgot to apply them wet. : (


Guys there are some serious MAC duplicates in this palette. The last one on the right is very very very similar to the Birds & Berries E/S in the Liberty Of London Coll. I know it looks like a charcoal color in the pic but my camera sucks! So the pics dont do them justice! The one to the left of it is a TOTAL duplicate for Stars N' Rockets with better pigmentation! The one after that perfect duplicate for "Golden Olive" pigment. After that one is a duplicate for "Grape" pigment. Ok One more! The one right in the center is a duplicate for "Teal" pigment. Awesome right!?


All the shadows are super shimmery! I used to be obsessed with shimmer! i just kind of fell off that wagon. I like shimmer its beautiful but im loving matte shadows right now. The very first eyeshadow on the right is amazing! I cant even describe it, its like a frosty white with greenish blue duochrome. Not really good for a highlight but awesome for a lid color or inner corner. Like i said i forgot to apply them wet i havent even tried so just me myself can see, so i cant tell you if it looks the same or 100 times better. Im going to do a tutorial with this palette because i already have ideas swarming around in my head, the possibilities are endless! Ill let you guys know then, but by the looks of things i might just be very pleased with them.

Enhance Green Eyes Gel Liners

All the stackers come with 3 liners. This one came with a green liner which can best be described as a vibrant grassy green with green shimmer. Just looks at the pics! OMG! The one in the center is blue based purple liner very pretty! I actually thought it was a bright blue when i was in the store but when i got it home i had a wonderful surprise! It was an awesome purple color with blue/purple shimmer in it. The last liner looks like just your plain ole ordinary black gel liner which it is BUT it has green shimmer in it!! you cant tell at all in my pictures but you can in real life. (is that the right term to use? ha!) When i swatched it at first i was like "booo you cant see the green shimmer!" but once it dried i was like "wooow" exactly like that!


All the liners are creamy and so easy to apply! They give a great EVEN application! I have had some liners that just dont cooperate at all when it comes to an even application. Especially when you try to go over a spot that has already dried, you get that clumpy looking liner. EEWWWW
Or as you apply the liner you just put on is coming off! Not cool or sexy by any means. For $10.99 its like a no brainer, man! I paid $16.50 for my MAC gel liner and i only got one color! Overall I really liked these liners, i want to go back for the Hazel Eyes set. I just want the light purple color from that stack.


Now some of you might be saying that the pots look really small.... which is true. The total Net Wt. of the stacker is 6G. So im assuming that each pot has 2G of product in it. MAC Fluidline has 3G of product but again like i said you only get one color. For $10.99 you get 3! and for 1G i doubt i would even notice! LOL Not to mention that these liners i swear are indestructable! I tried wiping them off after taking pics with a baby wipe and yeah i just went to wash my hand instead! I hope this helped some that are undecided about these liners. GET THEM!! they are so worth it! and easy on the wallet!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fever Tutorial

I like the irony in the name i chose for this tutorial, yeah i totally planned that! Ok so i know i said that i would maybe post a pic of my beautiful blister but i dawned on me you guys done want to see that! lol and i really dont have the cajones to do that anyway. Its pretty weird, while i was doing my make up it just kept getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER!! I dont even know if i should be talking about it! lol Pretty disgusting right? Its ok i have no shame, i hear fever blisters are a pretty common thing!
Anywhos! This is my Re-do for my Cinderfella tutorial. I knew i could do better and here it is!!I like how this looks, kinda dark and smokey "rocker" chick. The brow bone i have to say is my favorite part of the look, i used a matte creamy shadow so it almost looks my own skin and thats always a cool effect. I came across a video on YouTube with Kim Kardashians MUA was doing her make up. When they go to the brow highlight the MUA was like "EVER put eyeshadow on the brow bone... its such a no no" and then Kim Kardashian was like "Oh my god!! i HATE when people do that!... its like hello!" and the MUA goes on saying "shimmer should stay at the crease" So im sitting there thinking, "its called a HIGHLIGHT!" not to mention i felt pretty damn called out by Kim and her MUA. They were just being so arrogant about it, like laughing and pretty much looking down the people who do. Ya know? Not cool. See, this is what i mean when i say there are no rules! No one went out and made the 10 commandments of cosmetics!
You know what really "grinds my gears"?! when a MUA says "i see art in everything.... but dont do this, thats just dumb" Im not pointing fingers at ANYONE, but there are people like this! I have met them!snt art favored by the individual?? I mean some people like one artist and some dont. I like dramatic Drag Queen like make up, some DO NOT! Am
i going to put them on blast because they like to have a more neutral look? Geez, im so getting into trouble for this rant.
On to the point, i chose a matte creamy brow bone color to make it look like a flesh tone. Did i mention that i love how my hair turned out on this particular day?! i have been trying to do this to my hair since i was 17. My hair skills werent up to par yet i guess. lol I actually saw a picture of someone on my myspace shes also a MUA im not sure if she has a YouTube channel. I might just ask her and ill let you guys know so you can check her out, shes from Australia i believe. On with the products!!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42
MAC Select Sheer Powder Pressed NC40
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35

MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot (lid to brow)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean (lash line to crease exclude outer corner)
MAC Cinderfella E/S (on top of Black Bean)
Ardell Brow Defining Powder in Taupe (in the crease to help blending)
Glam Couture Cosmetics E/S in Palace (packed on the outer corner & above Cinderfella)
MAC E/S Blanc Type (brow bone)

MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush
MAC Comfort Mineralized Skin Finish (highlight)

No lips... you know why! LOL

Monday, April 5, 2010

So.Cal ZOMBIE WALK!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG!! I know this has nothing to do with my YouTube channel or make up.... well it does have something to do with make up. ZOMBIE MAKE UP! When i was in my Theatrical Make Up class awhile back i was doing research and by research i mean "googling" zombie make up and i came across a web page about a "zombie walk" and since undead, gore and horror intrigues me, i clicked on the link. I begin to read that (i forgot the name of the city) somewhere out in the midwest they have annual zombie walks!! im like whhhaaaaatt?! why dont they have something like that out in Hollywood!? or as they say in the "Valley Girl" movie.... "Holly-Weird" So basically a zombie walk is a bunch of people in zombie make up and costumes walking from one destination to another usually for a good cause i guess this year they are collecting canned food for i forgot what. I know im terrible, the cause wasnt what i was interested in. I guess its been happening for a couple years now?? I never knew!! which leads me to believe that maybe it isnt all its cracked up to be?? I dont want to go and be totally disappointed and have the "walk" be completely lame! I dont know about the one out in Hollywood but i read that San Diego just had their zombie walk in March. They had costume contests and live bands etc etc. Doesnt sound too lame.....? Does it? haha So yeah thats my random rant for tonight, So in conclusion..... People of Southern California.......Join me in my adventure of the ZOMBIE WALK!!! *im speaking in a thunderous voice* LOL

Friday, April 2, 2010

Failure To Lady GaGa

THIS was my inspiration for the Lady GaGa look. You cant really appreciate how gorgeous her eyeshadow is through this photo. If you get a chance while your standing in line at the grocery store, pick it up and look at it! My wonderful husband bought it for me while we were at the hospital, and i was like OMG i have to make a tutorial for this! The only thing is while i was making the tutorial, my husband was in the room sleeping because hes a sweetheart and watched the baby until 4am so i could sleep. So he was snoring in the background and since he was up til 4am, i was watching the baby and lets just say she didnt want mommy wearing make up today. So i had a snoring husband, a fussy baby, and a twitchy eye by the time i was done putting on my foundation and powder! Im a lil bit glad though to be honest, now i have had a test run and i can kind adjust and tweak it for a better live tutorial. OH! Yeah my hair is red now! Im SO happy, i feel complete! LOL

OF THE LOOK.......
I didnt choose my pictures wisely you cant really see the eyeshadow. The thing i found challenging was that Lady GaGa has a super deep crease!! Maybe thats why i was so attracted to the look. (on her!) Her brows are also alot fuller than mine which of course brows frame the face and make all the difference, and the lashes look amazing, they thicken at the end and flare out. I dont have single lashes so i couldnt achieve that specific part of the look. Shes wearing a pink champagne color on her lid, at first i was going to use the Loreal HIP duo in Saucy #818 because it has a light pinky color and a chocolate brown color. After swatching them i decided that the pink eyeshadow was too pink for the look and the chocolate brown eyeshadow was too shimmery. I ended up using an NYX eyeshadow which was a perfect color i think, for the brown i used my ole stand by the Ardell brow defining powder.

Shes wearing a classic red lip which at first i wanted to change up and use Impassioned lipstick by MAC. (if you havent already and your not afraid of color please do yourself a favor and check out this lipstick!) Then i realized i just wanted an excuse to wear the lipstick and it wasnt really appropriate for the look. I just would have looked like a hot pink mess! Then i remembered i was watching LA INK and Kat Von D was wearing this awesome red lip! I made a mental note and tried without success to duplicate the shade. Its ok im going to check out her red lipsticks at Sephora, im sure it was one of hers. Anyone have reviews on her red lipsticks??
MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot (lid to brow bone)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (Brow Bone)
TIGI Bed Head Lip Crayon in Perfect Pink (lid)
NYX Apricot Moose E/S (all over lid)
Ardell Brow Defining Powder in Mink (outer corner and above crease)
MAC Carbon E/S (outer corner blended with Mink)
MAC Shroom E/S (brow bone highlight)
White Eyeliner (waterline)

Jordana Lipliner in Plush Red
MAC Hang Up Lipstick
Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick in Red Revival (over Hang Up)
MAC PeachTwist Blush

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Total Fail......

So today i was all amped up to do my Lady GaGa make up. I wont tell you the inspiration, youll just have to see. HINT: Its very classic. Anyway, as you know i have a 2 week old baby girl...... shes a great baby! JUST NOT TODAY!! Fussy Mc Fuss Fuss!!! I also have a 1 year old boy so my husband was hanging out with him and he offered to take her but by the time he did i was soooo over it!! i had half lid primed and the other just creasing like crazy! I guess it was the April Fools juju going on. I was going to do a slide show tutorial and noticed my camera isnt focusing very well anymore. does anyone know if that happens with old cameras? i got it back in 2007 i think, so its not very old. its a sony cyber shot so it should be good quality...... right? Tomorrow im just going to do a live tutorial. SO be ready ladies Rachel is BACK! lol i wasnt even gone very long. Just thought i would share my ordeal of the day. Now that im caught up on my blog im liking being able to vent about my make up stuff! OH i did get my hair finished and i didnt fall off! i didnt take any pictures seeing that i looked like a horrid half done Edward Scissor Hands. I really want to go out and get new make up. That happens when im feeling down...... i get a boost with a new blush, lipgloss or eyeshadow! alright well thats enough for tonight, im going to go play with my make up. Good night ladies.