Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So today was gloomy,windy,cold, and rainy. The weather seemed to have taken an effect on my mood, i felt like "aarrggghh"!!! Ever get like that?? I just wanted to crawl in a hole and sleep til summer... the hole being my bedroom. I think i just need a date night or a girls night out. I need to do something! I did manage to make a few tutorials for you guys though. i need to edit a couple which are requests. Well 2 videos are for the same request, a look for prom. I did one more dramatic kinda fun look and another more elegant?? i guess would be the word. I have been pushing requests back not because i dont want to do them but because when i make a video the look i do stays on me for the rest of the day. So depending on how i feel or want to do that day determines the order of the requests. Do i make sense? The next video im doing is also a request for orange and gold, should be fun! Good news though i found a new spot to make my videos! Its going to be so much better, the lighting is better and you dont have to see my messy mess behind me. I was just hard headed and i just HAD to make my video at my vanity! Right now im just taking everything i need for the look with me to the spot im recording at and its working out just fine, so Im waiting for my husband to go back to work so i can start making the videos in the new spot. Also so i can do my foundation tutorial, i want to do that in the new spot which is just my bathroom vanity! lol I have been getting alot of questions and requests for hair tutorials. Its just that i record myself from my digital camera which is why its so blurry alot of the times. So if i do a hair tutorial you wont be able to make anything out! lol So im working on getting a camcorder. That would be so awesome! YAY! HAIR TUTORIALS!!! Sooooooo last night i was watching a video, and they used a MAC greasepaint stick. I asked myself if the greasepaint sticks were part of the permanent line.... so i went on the website and then!!! TUN TUN TUN! I saw a new collection! NNOOOO WHYY?!?! The Pret-A-Papier Collection. So i looked up of course for swatches and she doesnt have any yet! I guess it doesnt launch until tomorrow.... April 22. and i cant go look and maybe buy until Monday. Did you know coral is super hot for spring and i guess summer? I have been obsessed with finding the perfect coral lipstick and most importantly a coral blush. Im starting to think because of my skin tone that ill never find one. This collection has alot of coral going on, a coral colored paint pot that i have my eye on. 2 coral colored lipsticks also have my eye on those, 2 lipglasses and a blush. Im hoping the blush will be what im looking for although it is a shimmer blush.... not a fan of shimmer blush, but ill give it a try. I have alot of shimmer blushes because i used to love shimmer, i think i have said that before but idk... i guess i should mix it up some. I doubt that im the only one that makes a list of things she want so i alradyhavemy list of things i want to check out from the collection and what happens is the list is huge! and i end up only gettng like 2 things lol. ONLY for lack of cash not because i dont want everything. i always wanr everything! I need a part time job at MAC, should save me some cash right? well the whole check would recycle itself back into the company. True Story.

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