Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Glamour Tutorial

Hey guys! This is look 2 of the prom requested look. I still CAN NOT remember the girls name! it was SFlisa.... or lisaSF, sorry i need ginkobiloba! So with the first look i went more dramatic and i keep saying funky but really it isnt, just more dramatic and dark. This one is very classic and more neutral looking. I like this one best for prom actually, it wont look so harsh in pictures and the red lip will really pop. You can always change it up if you dont want such a bold lip, a rosy neutral color would be good.
I used ONLY the Wet N' Wild Color Icon palette in Greed for this look. Those palette are AMAZING!! I had to get all 4 of them! I need to post swatches! The first look has substitutes from another palette, or maybe the same one. I Cant remember. Like i say in the video i wanted to use inexpensive products for this look because i know when i was going to prom it was sooo expensive! My mom was a single mother, God Bless Her and with buying my dress and getting my hair and nails done, shoes, and accessories. A $15 eyeshadow was NOT on the agenda! Especially if i needed more than one! So my make up on prom was very neutral, i just had one eyeliner, blush, and red lipstick! Well powder of course! I used very little make up back in the day, what happened?! LOL So i hope this look helps out the mystery Lisa! If your reading im so sorry! But thank you for the request it was fun when i finally got to it! I hope you liked either look and are able to use them!
Wet N' Wild palette in Greed
-Matte Pink
-Shimmery Pink
-Shimmery Lilac
-Matte Black
-Matte Cream

Loreal True Match Blush in Apricot Kiss

NYX Lipliner in Deep Purple
Revlon Endless Lipstick in Crimson Joy

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