Friday, April 9, 2010

Fever Tutorial

I like the irony in the name i chose for this tutorial, yeah i totally planned that! Ok so i know i said that i would maybe post a pic of my beautiful blister but i dawned on me you guys done want to see that! lol and i really dont have the cajones to do that anyway. Its pretty weird, while i was doing my make up it just kept getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER!! I dont even know if i should be talking about it! lol Pretty disgusting right? Its ok i have no shame, i hear fever blisters are a pretty common thing!
Anywhos! This is my Re-do for my Cinderfella tutorial. I knew i could do better and here it is!!I like how this looks, kinda dark and smokey "rocker" chick. The brow bone i have to say is my favorite part of the look, i used a matte creamy shadow so it almost looks my own skin and thats always a cool effect. I came across a video on YouTube with Kim Kardashians MUA was doing her make up. When they go to the brow highlight the MUA was like "EVER put eyeshadow on the brow bone... its such a no no" and then Kim Kardashian was like "Oh my god!! i HATE when people do that!... its like hello!" and the MUA goes on saying "shimmer should stay at the crease" So im sitting there thinking, "its called a HIGHLIGHT!" not to mention i felt pretty damn called out by Kim and her MUA. They were just being so arrogant about it, like laughing and pretty much looking down the people who do. Ya know? Not cool. See, this is what i mean when i say there are no rules! No one went out and made the 10 commandments of cosmetics!
You know what really "grinds my gears"?! when a MUA says "i see art in everything.... but dont do this, thats just dumb" Im not pointing fingers at ANYONE, but there are people like this! I have met them!snt art favored by the individual?? I mean some people like one artist and some dont. I like dramatic Drag Queen like make up, some DO NOT! Am
i going to put them on blast because they like to have a more neutral look? Geez, im so getting into trouble for this rant.
On to the point, i chose a matte creamy brow bone color to make it look like a flesh tone. Did i mention that i love how my hair turned out on this particular day?! i have been trying to do this to my hair since i was 17. My hair skills werent up to par yet i guess. lol I actually saw a picture of someone on my myspace shes also a MUA im not sure if she has a YouTube channel. I might just ask her and ill let you guys know so you can check her out, shes from Australia i believe. On with the products!!

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42
MAC Select Sheer Powder Pressed NC40
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35

MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot (lid to brow)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean (lash line to crease exclude outer corner)
MAC Cinderfella E/S (on top of Black Bean)
Ardell Brow Defining Powder in Taupe (in the crease to help blending)
Glam Couture Cosmetics E/S in Palace (packed on the outer corner & above Cinderfella)
MAC E/S Blanc Type (brow bone)

MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush
MAC Comfort Mineralized Skin Finish (highlight)

No lips... you know why! LOL


  1. Gorgeous as always!

    Fever Blisters suck but aren't to hard to get rid of once you know what it feels like when they are coming on! If you catch it before it breaks the skin invest in a tube of Abreva and apply generously throughout the day and they'll usually never come! Once they're showing though I rely on Campho Phinique (sp?) but you can get it at Wal-Mart or any drug store for like $4 and they'll dry em up and get them off ur face long before they will go away on their own!!

    Keep the looks coming!

  2. Beautiful!
    I totally know what you mean about the "Rules" & makeup. Like who is one to tell others what they can & cannot wear, or should and shouldnt? I personally think makeup looks unfinished w/o shadow on the brow area. I think MAYBE it can look a lil overdone when people use super frosty shadows on the brow area.. but then again, it all depends on the person & what look theyre going for.
    another thing that really "grinds my gears" is those fashion shows.. (a la "what not to wear") that tell you what you should & shouldnt wear.. & like when they take a person with a totally DIFFERENT style than the "norm" and then tell them they need to wear something else.. that later just makes them resemble a soccer mom. same thing for their makeup suggestions they make on those shows. not everyone is the same, or likes the same things.. and not everything that's different is bad!
    ps. love the hair!.. id love to see your inspiration you're talkin about.

  3. woman you should do hair tutorials too! I know what chick your talking about, the one from Australia. lol She's my amiga too! hahahahah.... well anyways..... I love the look! and please consider the hair tutorials!

  4. yeah! hers looks awesome! i was like i have to do this!!! LOL shes gorgeous too!