Friday, April 2, 2010

Failure To Lady GaGa

THIS was my inspiration for the Lady GaGa look. You cant really appreciate how gorgeous her eyeshadow is through this photo. If you get a chance while your standing in line at the grocery store, pick it up and look at it! My wonderful husband bought it for me while we were at the hospital, and i was like OMG i have to make a tutorial for this! The only thing is while i was making the tutorial, my husband was in the room sleeping because hes a sweetheart and watched the baby until 4am so i could sleep. So he was snoring in the background and since he was up til 4am, i was watching the baby and lets just say she didnt want mommy wearing make up today. So i had a snoring husband, a fussy baby, and a twitchy eye by the time i was done putting on my foundation and powder! Im a lil bit glad though to be honest, now i have had a test run and i can kind adjust and tweak it for a better live tutorial. OH! Yeah my hair is red now! Im SO happy, i feel complete! LOL

OF THE LOOK.......
I didnt choose my pictures wisely you cant really see the eyeshadow. The thing i found challenging was that Lady GaGa has a super deep crease!! Maybe thats why i was so attracted to the look. (on her!) Her brows are also alot fuller than mine which of course brows frame the face and make all the difference, and the lashes look amazing, they thicken at the end and flare out. I dont have single lashes so i couldnt achieve that specific part of the look. Shes wearing a pink champagne color on her lid, at first i was going to use the Loreal HIP duo in Saucy #818 because it has a light pinky color and a chocolate brown color. After swatching them i decided that the pink eyeshadow was too pink for the look and the chocolate brown eyeshadow was too shimmery. I ended up using an NYX eyeshadow which was a perfect color i think, for the brown i used my ole stand by the Ardell brow defining powder.

Shes wearing a classic red lip which at first i wanted to change up and use Impassioned lipstick by MAC. (if you havent already and your not afraid of color please do yourself a favor and check out this lipstick!) Then i realized i just wanted an excuse to wear the lipstick and it wasnt really appropriate for the look. I just would have looked like a hot pink mess! Then i remembered i was watching LA INK and Kat Von D was wearing this awesome red lip! I made a mental note and tried without success to duplicate the shade. Its ok im going to check out her red lipsticks at Sephora, im sure it was one of hers. Anyone have reviews on her red lipsticks??
MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot (lid to brow bone)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (Brow Bone)
TIGI Bed Head Lip Crayon in Perfect Pink (lid)
NYX Apricot Moose E/S (all over lid)
Ardell Brow Defining Powder in Mink (outer corner and above crease)
MAC Carbon E/S (outer corner blended with Mink)
MAC Shroom E/S (brow bone highlight)
White Eyeliner (waterline)

Jordana Lipliner in Plush Red
MAC Hang Up Lipstick
Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick in Red Revival (over Hang Up)
MAC PeachTwist Blush


  1. This makeup with the hair has a retro theme to it lady... I really love it. I am so loving your hair too and I like the puff to it. Your amazing at makeup & hair. U go girl!!

  2. lovely!
    Girl, I LOVE your hair.. I wish you'd include it more often in your pictures!! Such beautiful vintage style =)