Saturday, February 27, 2010


Alright i dont know how to handle or better yet manage a blog..... In my head im supposed to give you guys all the products i use in whatever video i just posted, but then i think i can just do that in the side bar. right? I need to start looking up dupliactes for my subscribers because i know not everyone can get MAC ALL the time! Not even me! lol so NYX is a great affordable option, ill look up their website for eyeshadows with similar colors. I need to get a handle on my blogs. I think im just nit sure how to go about it. should i take pics? just list products? do stuff that i didnt make a video for? LOL yeah see i make too much of everything, and you wonder why my husband is getting gray hair.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

YouTube Videos Coming Up!!!

I have been getting alot of requests for an eyebrow tutorial! Im a lil hesitant because i do my brows BEFORE my foundation and powder etc. SO i will look ghastly!!! LOL BUT i am going to make the video! Along with MY 10 Fav. eye brushes and MY 10 fav. or maybe less face brushes. OH!!! and MY FIRST HAUL VIDEO!! I dont know why people hate on haul videos!! i LIKE them! They are more detailed (well some are) and the person goes into depth on the color and how it looks and then a swatch so i know what it looks like. i see people comment "oh your just bragging about what you have!" NO DING DONG! im doing this for you! So you have more info on the product if you are thinking about buying it for yourself! and to be honest i find myself watching haul videos late night all the time! LOL i see something i like that i didnt know about before! SOOO yes i am making a haul video! and i will address all these topics in the video too. IF time allows haha. I think im going to make a Revlon ColorStay Foundation VS MAC Studio Fluid? Fluid Foundation?? IDK! i got my first MAC foundation the other day i have been wanting to get one for awhile but Revlon always worked so well. so i just always kind of skipped it. But i thought it would hopefully give me a lil more coverage. AND i could make a video for you guys! Thank you to my new followers! and keep reading and stay tuned to my youtube channel!!!

Better Late Than Never???

Finally! My Kat Von D inspired look....... I posted the video tutorial for this awhile back already, i know i said i was going to be more punctual with my blogs. I REALLY AM!! I PROMISE! this will be the last late blog there will be. So like i said in my last blog i wanted to do a Kat Von D look and here it is. This girl is another inspiration to me for make up. Shes ballsy with her make up and shes not afraid to look different. I really like the dual color eyeshadow idea. It looked incredible... i got alot of comments and some just stares but hey! Its all about how you wear it!


NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Glam Couture Snowflake Eyeshadow

Glam Couture Sky Blue Eyeshadow

Glam Couture Fiji Eyeshadow

MAC Carbon Eyeshadow

MAC Nylon Eyeshadow

NYX Creamy Eyeshadow


NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

MAC Blanc Type Eyeshadow

Ardell Brow Defining Powder in Taupe

Ardell Brow Defining Powder in Mink

MAC Nylon Eyeshadow

NYX Creamy Eyeshadow

The end result. I LOVED IT!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bright Arabic Eyes

There we go. i posted a video tutorial on this look earlier this week, like i said in my last post i got this look from Nireynas channel shes totally awesome! i realize im getting backed up on my blogs! lol by the time im done posting the video on youtube im just like ok break time! and then break time turns to bed time and so on. so i will be more punctual with my blog posts. hopefully. anyway..... yes this look may look some what my lil pony-ish but i liked it! me and my chola hair trying to rock a arabic eye! lol i thought it was pretty funny after i looked at the pictures. I orginally used my Electro Sky paint pot from MAC (alexander mcqueen coll) BUT! me being a genius sold it. :( I KNOW WHO DOES THAT?! i really dont know what i was thinking. i get so mad at myself when i think about it. This time i just used my NYX jumbo pencil in Milk. It turned out just fine but the knowing that it could have been that much more intense with my paint pot. Irks me. My kat von d double eyeshadow look is my next video if not tomorrow then the next day for sure.


1) MAC Painterly Paint Pot

2) NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

3) NYX Irises Eyeshadow

4) MAC Bright Fuschia Pigment

5) MAC Carbon Eyeshadow

6) MAC Lark About Pigment

7) NYX Barely There Eyeshadow


FLIRT! Belly Dancing Blush

MAC By Candlelight MSF


NYX Lipliner in Bloom

MAC Lipstick Most Popular (Hello Kitty Coll)

Loreal HIP Jelly Balm in Succulent

Sunday, February 14, 2010


hello my beautiful people! so this is a quick post that will probably turn into a rant/super long post. So we are kinda settling in to our new house...... my vanity and all my make up is set up of course! i have recorded a video for my youtube channel, it was a request from a friend who is one of my two followers! YAY STEFANY! had to throw that out there. lol. it was actually a look a got from Nireyna's channel "beautyARTStudio" of course i had to dramatize it a lil but the idea is there! ALSO!!! im have 2 ideas for new videos.... my husband and i were watching "LA INK" after years of not really caring about reality tattoo shows, and Kat Von D TOTALLY inspired meeeee!! i know shes such a gorgeous DITZ! anywhos, she was wearing 2 different eyeshadow looks left eye: smokey brown..... right eye: smokey bright purple!! i KNOW why didnt i think of that!?!?!? soooo i think im totally gonna make a video on it i looked for pics but found none. Also she was wearing an awesome blue eyeshadow on the same episode, i doubt its from her line of eyeshadows seeing that they totally lack in pigmentation. the video will be up tomorrow and hopefully i will record a new video tomorrow as well.......i havent made a youtube video in a week! thats like 3 yrs youtube time!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I HAD to do this one! Bebe Zahara Benet

Picture it... Its Monday night and im sitting around waiting for the premier of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2! Yeah i know i was already excited, but i never got to see the reunion episode when all the girls get back together to look back and talk about the season, partly because i was rooting for Nina Flowers, I was so amazed by her and her make up skills! OMG! If Nina couldnt have won i would have liked to see Ongina win she was my second choice, then Bebe. God just not Rebecca Glasscock!! ARGH talk about irritating! Anyway when Bebe Zahara Benet won i was devastated. hahaha like literally. Nina Flowers took it like a pro though she was graceful and polite, i probably would have yanked out her weave. LOL Good TV yeah?

When i saw Bebe come out i was like "get the eff outta here! i gotta do that tomorrow!" lol This is the ONLY picture i could find with her and this make up! This is from the reunion show but i just loved the way it looked. It could be the red lips, the flowers or the fact that her hair was teased up so awesomely!! (is that a word?) Her look was a lot more FABULOUS and dramatic but I took what i wanted from it. i like the lips i wanted them to be the focal point of the look, but i wanted the eyeshadow too! so i just kinda took the eyes down a few notches, using different shades of brown. Her eyes are mainly black with really full lashes. Her lips are also mostly black, which is super hot i LOVE them! i went more red and a lil it of black. Chicken huh? :(

I did make a video tutorial for this look. I hope to post it tomorrow, i wanted to do it tonight but ya know what? Recording yourself doing your make up and then editing and uploading takes alot more than you think! The editing takes me forever simply because i have to squeeze it down to 10 minutes, who does that?! Then im rushing through the video so your not really getting what you need out of it. sucks i know, so either i need to be faster or make part 2 videos lol I actually did make 2 different videos, i made one for the eyeshadow and another for the lips because i knew it wasnt gonna fit into one video. 10 minutes..... are they crazy?

Stay "tuned" to my YouTube channel for the video(s)!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First YouTube Video!!!

After much thought and debate, I made a YouTube Video! Exciting, yes. Nerve wracking? Oh heck yes! I entered lilpumkinpie05 contest. Im not gonna lie, in the words of Nacho Libre "I WANNA WIN!" The lighting in the video is kinda sucky to be honest but it looked good in real life! So i was sad when i was editing the video and it looked so yellow. I do want to make more videos it was fun! So yes my recording spot will have to change. I need more natural light, or at least find a "daylight" bulb. Which i might add i look for everytime i go to Target! I might just have to go to Home Depot. Oh IKEA! So check out my video!!!!

This isnt really what i would NORMALLY wear if i were to go out, but i would wear it! I usually go rainbow! Or some other dramatic eyeshadow look, this is kinda neutral to me. lol but I really liked the end result. Kinda MAC Style Warrior yeah?
1) NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
2) MAC Chrome Yellow eyeshadow
3) Make Up Forever Pigment in 24M (i think!)
4) MAC Brown Script eyeshadow
5) MAC Typographic eyeshadow
6) Ardell Brow Defining Powder in Mink
7) MAC Nylon eyeshadow
8) NYX Creamy eyeshadow
MAC Eversun blush
MAC MSF in By Candlelight
Maybelline ColorSensation Lipstick in Yummy Plummy
Loreal HIP Jelly Balm in Succulent

Feelin' Mermaid-ish

I reminded myself of Ariel from The Little Mermaid when i was done with this look. I wasnt really "inspired" to do this look, i mostly just wanted to use a new eyeshadow i had gotten a LONG time ago. Its a SPLASH Loose Eyeshadow in the color Rainy Daze. The shadow turned out alot more green than i anticipated, but i liked it. I have a couple of the SPLASH eyeshadows, they are super cheap like 2 for 5 dollars! Well in most places, They caught on to me where i buy them and bumped them up to 2.99 each. :( Still a good deal if you ask me! They come in a 1.5g jar, the same you get in the Loreal Hip Pigments. In reality though these REALLY are high intensity pigments! Im going to post swatches of the eyeshadows i have tomorrow! GOOD IDEA! For now, enjoy!
1) Painterly Paint Pot from MAC
2) Milk Jumbo Pencil from NYX (heavier on the lid and blended up to the brow bone)
3) Mutiny Pigment from MAC (LE Naughty Nauticals/A Rose Romance Coll. packed in the inner corner of the eye)
4) Rainy Daze eyeshadow from SPLASH (the rest of the lid blended and passed the crease & Under the waterline)
5) Deep Truth eyeshadow from MAC (in and above the crease)
6) Typographic eyeshadow from MAC (blended in the crease)
7) Nylon eyeshadow from MAC (on the highest point of the brow)
8) Creamy eyeshadow from NYX (over Nylon and blended to highlight brow bone)
9) Electric Blue eyeliner from NYX (on the waterline)

Coppertone blush from MAC
By Candlelight MSF (LE Warm and Cozy Coll to highlight cheek bones)
Red Hot Lipliner from NYX
Luscious Spark Dazzleglass Creme from MAC
Alright, I like it alot better when i just post what i used for the look rather than trying to describe how i applied it. Seems a lil redundant to keep doing it that way. This look is very simple, I was feeling a lil Dita Von Teese :D Shes hot.
1) Painterly Paint Pot from MAC
2) Retrospeck eyeshadow from MAC (on the entire lid blended and passed the crease)
3) Brown Script eyeshadow from MAC (in and above the crease)
4) Ardell Brow Defining Powder in Mink (in the crease, to add more depth and color)
5) Nylon eyeshadow from MAC (in the tear duct)
6) Barely There eyeshadow from NYX (to highlight the brow bone)

Pinch Me blush from MAC
Soft n Gentle Mineralized Skinfinish from MAC (to highlight cheek bones)
(always moisturize your lips with SOMETHING! chapstick, lip balm, etc.)
Tinted Lip Conditioner in Close For Comfort from MAC (LE Warm and Cozy Coll)
Plush Red Lipliner from NYX
Ruby Woo Lipstick from MAC
Enticing High Shine Lipgloss from Loreal HIP