Saturday, February 27, 2010


Alright i dont know how to handle or better yet manage a blog..... In my head im supposed to give you guys all the products i use in whatever video i just posted, but then i think i can just do that in the side bar. right? I need to start looking up dupliactes for my subscribers because i know not everyone can get MAC ALL the time! Not even me! lol so NYX is a great affordable option, ill look up their website for eyeshadows with similar colors. I need to get a handle on my blogs. I think im just nit sure how to go about it. should i take pics? just list products? do stuff that i didnt make a video for? LOL yeah see i make too much of everything, and you wonder why my husband is getting gray hair.

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  1. LOL.
    I think maybe just having two pictures and a list of products of the looks you do. And maybe you can put the link to your videos. That way you don't have to write out step by step each look. Ya know? Simple but helpful. :)