Monday, June 7, 2010


ok first, i didnt scribble her out to be rude!! i just dont want evil messages about"thats my picture!!" and blah blah blah! so i scribbled out her face! LMAO anyway! this is what i want!! soooo badly!! i guess it kinda looks like what i had but mine was so much brighter. i want a deep dark burgundy red. i have come up with a plan of attack, i think im going to buy a reddish dark blond... and use manic panic vampire red over that i think that will work out well..... but im not sure sometimes my plans are thwarted (i dont get to use that word as much as id like to) by my damaged hair. any advice or reviewish type things about a red hair color you used would GREATLY appreciated!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tutorial: Sugar Sugar

Hey! so this is my newest tutorial i have up and im so loving this one! i havent done bright and vibrant in awhile, everything has mostly been smokey or dark. I need to start working on that. I mention this in my video but i want to talk about it here too, i got the look from a picture i saw twitter, Shrinkle twitpic'd a photo of someones look using Sugar Pill Cosmetics and i dont have anything from sugar pill yet which im so sad about! but i saw this look and was like OMG! i recreated it almost exactly the original look was more dramatic, i say mine is a lil more "wearable" but thats not true for everyone.
I had to find eyeshadow to duplicate what was in the picture so i rummaged through my make up and of course ended up with my 120 Pro Palette and i didnt want to use two different palettes but the 120 doesnt have a true red eyeshadow, i had to bust out my 88 palette too. Just the one red eyeshadow was used from the 88 palette everything else minus the highlight was from the 120. If you dont own that palette and are thinking or hesitating DONT! i think everyone who likes bright eyeshadows should have this palette! you can get it on ebay for like $20 and thats including shipping! AMAZING DEAL!
Oh yes! i forgot to mention that i colored my hair! im actually not that sad about it. when i decided to color it i wanted a bright burgundy deep red. If that color exists please let me know! i can live with this for awhile but it didnt satisfy my craving for a super awesome burgundy! you should have seen it before i colored it like this! I tried mixing in one of those stupid "compliments" things from sallys, because i chose a dark almost blackish burgundy but i wanted to the red to show through so i got the red "warm compliments" O M F G. Messed me up! i looked like a copper penny! lol i went straight to sallys the next day and picked up a medium intense auburn. Its AIGHT. i wish i had a Maly's card. Darn me for failing state board! LMAO whats that got to do with my Make up! i have no idea but this is my blog! LOL

Like i said the whole eyeshadow look was done with the 120 Palette and used only 1 eyeshadow form the 88 palette. I have pics of the exact eyeshadows used in the video tutorial i didnt post them here cause i thought of it too late and blogger sucks when you have to post pics! sawwy.

Cheeks: i just used MAC Peach Twist Blush

Lips: NYX Lipliner in Natural and MAC Lipstick in Warm Me Up LMTD ED.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Little On Whats Happenin'

hello friends i found out on saturday that Gary Coleman is dead! wth?!?! so yes i have been MIA for awhile on my blog i know. i have been super active on my TWITTER (follow me! @RJMakeUp) though! hahah i only have 7 followers but talking to myself is still fun, it would be alot more fun if people responded though LOL i did tutorial the other day and forgot to take pics of it so i didnt bother blogging about it, i also have been super falling off my "healthy living" wagon so theres absolutely no reason to depress my self and talk about that either lol. This past weekend i did a make up job for my friends wedding and a couple brides maids oh and my bestie the Maid Of Honor! she looked amazing! i wish i would have taken pictures of everyone but we were so rushed at the end the Bride was stressing me out! lol all i wanted to do was finish on time EFF the pictrues man! Everything turned out good well i hope it did i couldnt really attend the wedding so i couldnt be there to touch her up and what not. Id have to see the pics. So i have decided that when i have another make up gig im dragging my sister along to take pictures for me while im doing the make up! im not going to bother to ask them to pose for me or whatever ill just take what i want! LOL other than that not much has been.. OH! i saved my dog from Parvol! its a nasty horrible canine disease. it slowly and painfully kills dogs. I wanted to put her down but the vet said she still had alot of fight in her so every 2 hrs i forced down pedialtye and pepto and she was all better in 2 days!! AMAZING! we now call her "No.5" if you dont know why.... you should really watch "Short Circuit" awesome awesome movie!!! reminds me of when i was a kid and "The Goonies" too. ahhh comfort films. i plan on doing a tutorial tomorrow OH! i did my first hair tutorial! ill post that up in a different post. i saved it on my external hard drive and im too lazy to get up and get it and look for it on the drive and then cut and paste it here. LMAO i also plan on doing on the Beyonce "Why dont you love me?" video. Im also going to enter RetroSpeckBaby's contest its a Beyonce contest hence why im doing the hair video! :D i already kinda know what im going to do i just need to see how its going to pull together. I never got my hands on the Marine Life Hilite from MAC either... im a lil bummed but not so much only because i have been wanting a great coral blush and i thnk that one is bright enought to show coral on my skin. anywhos people i will have new pics and videos up soon!!!