Monday, June 7, 2010


ok first, i didnt scribble her out to be rude!! i just dont want evil messages about"thats my picture!!" and blah blah blah! so i scribbled out her face! LMAO anyway! this is what i want!! soooo badly!! i guess it kinda looks like what i had but mine was so much brighter. i want a deep dark burgundy red. i have come up with a plan of attack, i think im going to buy a reddish dark blond... and use manic panic vampire red over that i think that will work out well..... but im not sure sometimes my plans are thwarted (i dont get to use that word as much as id like to) by my damaged hair. any advice or reviewish type things about a red hair color you used would GREATLY appreciated!!!


  1. do you bleach your hair? if so, to what level? like how light do you go? what are you currently using?
    I once used a dye by Special Effects called Blood Red and colored over a medium orange tone of bleached hair and got that color.
    Most store bought red dyes or even salon red dyes are going to fade VERY fast. Red is a fader period.
    I have heard success though with what you mentioned, using a red dye and then coloring ON TOP of that with a sfx red such as special effects/manic manic type of dye.

  2. yeah i know ive been coloring my hair red for along time excluding while i was preggers i didnt want 6 inch roots again lol but i lift my hair to about a level 6 i want to say? to that orangey red color and use manic panic vampire red over that and i gives me my bright red hair result. so im thinking for this one have a dark red base on it already and see what happens?? i tried to color over the auburn red i have with the vampire red..... kind of a fail... in some light it looks like what i want and in others it looks the same. wah wah wah.

  3. That looks very much like Manic Panic Vampire Red hair color. Look on the Manic Panic website!