Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tutorial: Sugar Sugar

Hey! so this is my newest tutorial i have up and im so loving this one! i havent done bright and vibrant in awhile, everything has mostly been smokey or dark. I need to start working on that. I mention this in my video but i want to talk about it here too, i got the look from a picture i saw twitter, Shrinkle twitpic'd a photo of someones look using Sugar Pill Cosmetics and i dont have anything from sugar pill yet which im so sad about! but i saw this look and was like OMG! i recreated it almost exactly the original look was more dramatic, i say mine is a lil more "wearable" but thats not true for everyone.
I had to find eyeshadow to duplicate what was in the picture so i rummaged through my make up and of course ended up with my 120 Pro Palette and i didnt want to use two different palettes but the 120 doesnt have a true red eyeshadow, i had to bust out my 88 palette too. Just the one red eyeshadow was used from the 88 palette everything else minus the highlight was from the 120. If you dont own that palette and are thinking or hesitating DONT! i think everyone who likes bright eyeshadows should have this palette! you can get it on ebay for like $20 and thats including shipping! AMAZING DEAL!
Oh yes! i forgot to mention that i colored my hair! im actually not that sad about it. when i decided to color it i wanted a bright burgundy deep red. If that color exists please let me know! i can live with this for awhile but it didnt satisfy my craving for a super awesome burgundy! you should have seen it before i colored it like this! I tried mixing in one of those stupid "compliments" things from sallys, because i chose a dark almost blackish burgundy but i wanted to the red to show through so i got the red "warm compliments" O M F G. Messed me up! i looked like a copper penny! lol i went straight to sallys the next day and picked up a medium intense auburn. Its AIGHT. i wish i had a Maly's card. Darn me for failing state board! LMAO whats that got to do with my Make up! i have no idea but this is my blog! LOL

Like i said the whole eyeshadow look was done with the 120 Palette and used only 1 eyeshadow form the 88 palette. I have pics of the exact eyeshadows used in the video tutorial i didnt post them here cause i thought of it too late and blogger sucks when you have to post pics! sawwy.

Cheeks: i just used MAC Peach Twist Blush

Lips: NYX Lipliner in Natural and MAC Lipstick in Warm Me Up LMTD ED.


  1. You are such a pretty and talented girl! Really love what you've done here and you managed it without Sugarpill (and yes, I can't wait to try her products as well!).