Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rubies & Sapphires Tutorial

Yes once again i forgot to put the 88 palette picture in so here it is! See? it pays to follow my blog. hahaha! I also used a MAC eyeshadow for this look, Cool Heat. it is limited edition but MAC Big T is its twin! ooorrr NYX eyeshadow in Irises or Wildfire would do it too. OR if you want to be really fancy the "Birds & Berries" eyeshadow from the new Liberty Of London Coll. is AMAZING!!!!!!! I didnt get it : ( YET!!! muahahaha!

I loved how this turned out. Seeing that i kinda winged, it came out pretty awesome, geisha lookin'. to me anyway. but my stupid hair! looks lop-sided! LOL

The coral eyeshadow i used turned more pink it could be because of the red i added to the crease. i have been looking for a true coral eyeshadow. MAC has the uhh "free to be" eyeshadow i havent even gone to the counter to swatch it! lol they also have a PRO eyeshadow in "Coral" i have never checked that out either, im telling you im like a kid at the candy store when i get there, all the pretty colors mezmerize me and i dont know what to do or get!

Jackie "lilpumkinpie05" THANK YOU THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YA! i was dying for "nanogold" turned out to be a good color even better with "straw harvest" over it. OK guys i have to go!! haha im coloring my hair back to its natural red state and i dont want my hair to falloff! ive had it on for about 40 min! pictures to come!!!!

Minted Purple Tutorial

MY least favorite tutorial...... and i totally forgot to put the picture of the palette so i thought it would do it here instead. Its still valid right? lol I did this look when i did my brush videos. It was just a kinda fast look i did.

In my opinion the green i used from the palette is what MAC Newly Minted to look like!! which i did say in my video but didnt really get into it. I usually have points to make while recording but due to lack of time i never get to make them. I guess thats why people have and keep up with their blogs right? So Newly Minted is a super eye catching color....IN THE PAN! Its a Matte2 finish so meaning the color payoff can be somewhat stubborn. i have a few Matte2 eyeshadows some better than others. Newly Minted is one of my least used eyeshadow due to the chalky-ness of it and the blotchy, inconsistancy. and Fig.1 i believe is a Matte2 and its beautiful!! just depends on the color is guess.

Now MAC Violet Trance eyeshadow is the purple i used.... This eyeshadow isnt necessarily a terrible eyeshadow, its just so tightly packed that picking up color is nearly impossible. i did find a video from the oh so talented Cora "vintageortacky" on eyeshadows with this problem. She basically shows us how to loosen the eyeshadow enought to pick up color and apply it. You get a small shader brush and rub it in one direction she describes it as "teasing" which is a good analogy for what you need to do. it helped but i d0nt see how it would help with blending or an even application if say i wanted to apply it with a fluffy brush. Know what i mean?? there are certain eyeshadows i have that i can only really apply with a small shader brush to get even coverage and vibrant color. when i figure out a solution to this problem, i will tell the world!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cinder-Yella! Tutorial

This tutorial kind of disappoints me.....I can do better. I might just do another Cinderfella tutorial. So be on the look out. Again with the GaGa lipstick. Im going to start looking the my stuff and pulling out things that i havent used in awhile. Im one of those buy and use it for awhile and forget about it type of person. I need to start rotating!


MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42

MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35

MAC Select Sheer Powder Pressed NC40


MAC Paint Pot Soft Ochre (lid to brow bone)

NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk (Brow bone)

Ben Nye Yellow (inner 3/4 of lid)

NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean (outer corner of lid)

MAC Chrome Yellow PRO E/S (over ben nye yellow)

MAC Cinderfella LTD ED E/S (over black bean)

Make Up Forever 24m?? (over Chrome Yellow)

Ardell Brow Defining Powder in Mink (above crease)

NYX Barely There E/S (brow bone highlight)

Loreal HIP Cream Liners

Purple: Eggplant
Blue: Midnight Blue

Sallys Girl Gel Adhesive for glitter
Blue Glitter: SPLASH! Cosmetics Pacific Blue
Purple Glitter: Sallys Girl Violet Vixen


FAKE MAC Corally Pink Color


NYX Lipliner in Rose

MAC Viva Glam GaGa Lipstick

Cherries Jubilee Tutorial

This is actually everyones favorite video!! Probably mine as well!! THIS is the look i was trying to achieve when i used Deep Damson! See the difference?! I looked totally hott that day! Oh dont even! you dont look in the mirror and go "oh girl its myspace picture time!" LMAO oh wait its FaceBook these days huh? i dont like facebook i signed up and never again did i visit that wretched site. Sorry facebookers..... im a loyal myspace veteran. I went a lil dramatic with the lips but i think it compliments that eyeshadow and goes well with the overall look. MAKE UP IS FUN!! dont take it too serious! mix colors and see what you get! put colors that you dont think look good together and MAKE them look good together! Seems weird but if you really think about it eyeshadow looks amazing when you mix 2 colors that or on opposite sides of the spectrum.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35
MAC Select Sheer Powder Pressed NC40
MAC Paint Pot Soft Ochre (lid to brow bone)
NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk (brow bone)
Ben Nye Dark Red (lid)
MAC Beauty Marked E/S (lid up to crease)
NYX Rust E/S (in crease a lil above)
MAC Sketch E/S (over Rust lightly)
MAC Carbon E/S (Crease)
MAC Nylon E/S (brow bone)
MAC Shroom E/S (over Nylon Brow Bone)
Sallys Girl Glitter Gel Adhesive (on the lid)
MAC Reflect Blackened Red Pigment (over glitter adhesive)

MAC Eversun LTD ED
MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Cheeky Bronze LTD ED (highlight)
Jordana Lipliner in Cabaret
NYX Lipliner in Deep Purple (blended in with cabaret)
MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

Emerald City Tutorial

Kind of Wicked Witch Of The West ish huh?? I LOVE IT! haha this is another of my favs. Smokey greens going on. Very dramatic yes, i dont know if you guys have noticed but i dont believe in "day" and "night" make up! I always seem to wear night make up. My mom is always telling me "aye Raquel, you should wear that make up for the night time when you go out and have drinks!" and i say "I have 2 kids! when the eff am i gonna go out and have drinks!" LMAO I love my mom. Its kind of like that saying "life is uncertain, have dessert first!" well you dont know if your gonna go out at night or not so be on the safe side and look fierce ALL DAY!!! See?! there is a method to my madness.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35
MAC Select Sheer Powder Pressed NC40
MAC Bottle Green PRO E/S (lid up to crease)
MAC Humid E/S (on top of Bottle Green)
FAKE MAC Pigment Medium Gray Color (crease)
MAC Bio Green PRO E/S (above the crease)
MAC Gorgeous Gold E/S (tear duct)
MAC Retrospeck E/S (brow bone highlight)

MAC Optomistic Orange Creme Blend Blush LTD ED
NYX Cinnamon Blush (over Optomistic Orange)
MAC Serenely Blush (blend with Cinnamon)
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick
Loreal Color Juice ( i dont know the color! its the orange one!)

Not A Tutorial.....

This isnt a tutorial and to be honest im not sure i remember what i used! I know it was all pigments. Im also positive that my lid color is "Deep Blue Green" Pigment from MAC. I know this because i was very disappointed in the color payoff. All the MAC pigments i have are samples, did i get jipped on this one?? It just looks green.... not deep or blue! The pigment looks crazy awesome on the jar but when applied.... eeeehhhh i dont know

Check out that Blue-ish, Purple-ish color on my waterline!! isnt it awesome!! i used Sallys Girl Gel Adhesive as a mixing medium. The eyeshadow i used is actually from a stacker i bought a LLLOOOOONNG time ago when i was going to beauty school. A company called Q-Voe Cosmetics would come every once in awhile and sell us the stackers, and then they would leave some at the school shop and we could buy them there. i bought mine for about $25. i have a glitter stacker "Starlight" and another one with bright colors "Duet". Ill take pics and post them later. The weird thing is i go to their website and you cant order online, they have a number which i called because of course i want more stackers! and theres no answer. They have a stacker called "Hollywood" OMG i HAVE to have it!! Maybe they are out of business but maybe not. Check out the site and youll see its very plain and low budget i hope that doesnt mean its abandoned and theres no way to get the stackers either way ill let you know.

Not So Deep Damson Tutorial

I HATE THAT THIS EYESHADOW CAME OUT PURPLE!!!!! It looks so beautiful in the pot, an intense gorgeous burgundy. It is not what i came out with. Im kind of blaming it on the NYX Jumbo Pencil. Wishful Thinking? I swatched it at the store and it came out a burgundy or else i wouldnt have bought it... soooo that is my hypothesis. I wasnt and still am not too crazy about this look, its kinda like blaaaahhh yeah? i really was going for the burgundy am i spelling that right? i hope so.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35
MAC Select Sheer Powder Pressed NC40
MAC Paint Pot Painterly (lid to brow bone)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (lid to brow bone)
MAC Retrospeck E/S (lid up to the crease)
MAC Blanc Type E/S (in the crease and above to help blend)
MAC Deep Damson PRO E/S (in the crease)
Glam Couture Palace E/S (above the crease)
MAC Wondergrass E/S LTD ED (bottom lash line)
MAC Nylon E/S (arch of brow bone)
NYX Creamy E/S (all over brow bone over Nylon)

MAC Coppertone Blush
MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Cheeky Bronze LTD ED.
MAC Dazzle Glass Creme Luscious Spark

Green & Gold w/Pink Glittah! Tutorial

Everyones LEAST favorite video!! Why guys? I thought it was awesome! Its the Glittah isnt it?? Anyone ever see "The Wanderers"? its a 1950's based movie but theres a part when someone says glitter and i guess their from Jersey i dont remember its been forever since ive seen it but another girl turns to her and says "its glittah!" it has stuck with me ever since! LOL

I used my 88 palette for the entire look, no JK i used MAC Bottle Green Eyeshadow in the crease. Its a PRO color i actually recommend just buying this color. Its hard to come across a true emerald green color that is MATTE!! This eyeshadow was on my list for a super long time! and im glad i finally got it. I also used MAC Rose Gold Pigment in the center on the bottom lash line. The glittah is Princess Pink from Sallys Girl. White Eyeliner on the waterline also from Sallys.


MAC Fleur Power Blush

MAC By Candlelight LTD ED. (highlight)


NYX Lipliner in Rose

MAC Fresh Salmon Lipstick LTD ED.

Gilt By Association Tutorial

This is a favorite among my videos, for me anyway! Although looking back i would have totally exfoliated my lips before i DARE put on Viva Glam GaGa lipstick! Its an amazing shade but with my skintone its sort of pasty. I always have to brighten it up with a pink lipgloss.

If anyone missed out on "Gilt By Association" which came out with the Style Black Coll. By MAC. Loreals HIP duos in "Gilded" is a great duplicate. One side is a beautiful gold color, and the other side is an amazing! black with gold shimmer shot through it. Im not saying it EXACT because the HIP duos dont have the glitter affect that "GBA" has, but it will help you achieve the look your going for. Thats all we need right?!


MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42

MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35

MAC Select Sheer Powder Pressed NC40


MAC Paint Pot Painterly (From Lid To Brow Bone)

NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk (Brow Bone)

NYX Jumbo Pencil Gold (lid)

MAC Gilt By Association LTD ED. (Lid up to crease)

MAC Carbon E/S (crease)

Ardell Brow Defining Powder Mink (above the crease)

NXY Barely There E/S (brow bone highlight)


MAC Serenely Beauty Powder Blush

Hard Candy Mineral Blush in Honeymoon


NYX Lip Liner in Rose

MAC Viva Glam GaGa

MAC CramSheen Glass Ever Rich

Catching Up On My Blog/Videos

hello my beautiful people!! im so sorry my blog hasnt been updated since forever. im telling you by the time im done editing and uploading a video blogging about it is the LAST thing on my mind. So im going to post up pics and all the good stuff on my youtube videos. So make a pot of coffee, put on your reading glasses cuz girls im posting alot!! LOL