Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rubies & Sapphires Tutorial

Yes once again i forgot to put the 88 palette picture in so here it is! See? it pays to follow my blog. hahaha! I also used a MAC eyeshadow for this look, Cool Heat. it is limited edition but MAC Big T is its twin! ooorrr NYX eyeshadow in Irises or Wildfire would do it too. OR if you want to be really fancy the "Birds & Berries" eyeshadow from the new Liberty Of London Coll. is AMAZING!!!!!!! I didnt get it : ( YET!!! muahahaha!

I loved how this turned out. Seeing that i kinda winged, it came out pretty awesome, geisha lookin'. to me anyway. but my stupid hair! looks lop-sided! LOL

The coral eyeshadow i used turned more pink it could be because of the red i added to the crease. i have been looking for a true coral eyeshadow. MAC has the uhh "free to be" eyeshadow i havent even gone to the counter to swatch it! lol they also have a PRO eyeshadow in "Coral" i have never checked that out either, im telling you im like a kid at the candy store when i get there, all the pretty colors mezmerize me and i dont know what to do or get!

Jackie "lilpumkinpie05" THANK YOU THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YA! i was dying for "nanogold" turned out to be a good color even better with "straw harvest" over it. OK guys i have to go!! haha im coloring my hair back to its natural red state and i dont want my hair to falloff! ive had it on for about 40 min! pictures to come!!!!

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  1. Hi Doll, what foundation shade are you in MAC/MUFE HD? xo