Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Minted Purple Tutorial

MY least favorite tutorial...... and i totally forgot to put the picture of the palette so i thought it would do it here instead. Its still valid right? lol I did this look when i did my brush videos. It was just a kinda fast look i did.

In my opinion the green i used from the palette is what MAC Newly Minted to look like!! which i did say in my video but didnt really get into it. I usually have points to make while recording but due to lack of time i never get to make them. I guess thats why people have and keep up with their blogs right? So Newly Minted is a super eye catching color....IN THE PAN! Its a Matte2 finish so meaning the color payoff can be somewhat stubborn. i have a few Matte2 eyeshadows some better than others. Newly Minted is one of my least used eyeshadow due to the chalky-ness of it and the blotchy, inconsistancy. and Fig.1 i believe is a Matte2 and its beautiful!! just depends on the color is guess.

Now MAC Violet Trance eyeshadow is the purple i used.... This eyeshadow isnt necessarily a terrible eyeshadow, its just so tightly packed that picking up color is nearly impossible. i did find a video from the oh so talented Cora "vintageortacky" on eyeshadows with this problem. She basically shows us how to loosen the eyeshadow enought to pick up color and apply it. You get a small shader brush and rub it in one direction she describes it as "teasing" which is a good analogy for what you need to do. it helped but i d0nt see how it would help with blending or an even application if say i wanted to apply it with a fluffy brush. Know what i mean?? there are certain eyeshadows i have that i can only really apply with a small shader brush to get even coverage and vibrant color. when i figure out a solution to this problem, i will tell the world!

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  1. what brand is this pallette? i asm very interested, beautiful makeup.