Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Emerald City Tutorial

Kind of Wicked Witch Of The West ish huh?? I LOVE IT! haha this is another of my favs. Smokey greens going on. Very dramatic yes, i dont know if you guys have noticed but i dont believe in "day" and "night" make up! I always seem to wear night make up. My mom is always telling me "aye Raquel, you should wear that make up for the night time when you go out and have drinks!" and i say "I have 2 kids! when the eff am i gonna go out and have drinks!" LMAO I love my mom. Its kind of like that saying "life is uncertain, have dessert first!" well you dont know if your gonna go out at night or not so be on the safe side and look fierce ALL DAY!!! See?! there is a method to my madness.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC42
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35
MAC Select Sheer Powder Pressed NC40
MAC Bottle Green PRO E/S (lid up to crease)
MAC Humid E/S (on top of Bottle Green)
FAKE MAC Pigment Medium Gray Color (crease)
MAC Bio Green PRO E/S (above the crease)
MAC Gorgeous Gold E/S (tear duct)
MAC Retrospeck E/S (brow bone highlight)

MAC Optomistic Orange Creme Blend Blush LTD ED
NYX Cinnamon Blush (over Optomistic Orange)
MAC Serenely Blush (blend with Cinnamon)
MAC Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick
Loreal Color Juice ( i dont know the color! its the orange one!)


  1. Oh my, your gonna be my inspiration from now, I need to start wearing my night makeup in the day...lol. I love this and you look beautiful as always.