Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Green & Gold w/Pink Glittah! Tutorial

Everyones LEAST favorite video!! Why guys? I thought it was awesome! Its the Glittah isnt it?? Anyone ever see "The Wanderers"? its a 1950's based movie but theres a part when someone says glitter and i guess their from Jersey i dont remember its been forever since ive seen it but another girl turns to her and says "its glittah!" it has stuck with me ever since! LOL

I used my 88 palette for the entire look, no JK i used MAC Bottle Green Eyeshadow in the crease. Its a PRO color i actually recommend just buying this color. Its hard to come across a true emerald green color that is MATTE!! This eyeshadow was on my list for a super long time! and im glad i finally got it. I also used MAC Rose Gold Pigment in the center on the bottom lash line. The glittah is Princess Pink from Sallys Girl. White Eyeliner on the waterline also from Sallys.


MAC Fleur Power Blush

MAC By Candlelight LTD ED. (highlight)


NYX Lipliner in Rose

MAC Fresh Salmon Lipstick LTD ED.

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