Wednesday, September 15, 2010

L.A Colors Metallic Polish

So by now we have all come to learn that Rachel has a new problem/ addiction to go along with her cosmetics problem... NAIL ART stuff. Last week I went to my CVS to fill a prescription and i love doing that because they give me 20 minutes to look around while i wait. I went straight to cosmetics, i looked around and then i said hmm what about nail polishes. Then this bad boy caught my eye! L.A Colors Metallic Polish, There are 4 polishes for $2.99! Tell me how I could pass that up?! The package does say they are limited edition, so i dont know how long they will be available so if you see them and want them, get them! I have been wanting to get some L.A Color polishes i just wasnt sure where to get them. I have been needing to check my Dollar Tree and see if they have some i just havent gotten around to it. I have never seen them at CVS so i thought it was pretty weird that they had this little package but i wasnt complaining i snatched it up along with a few other polishes (swatches of all my other polish sprees will be up soon)

Now to me..... they arent really "metallic" more like really glittery/shimmery. Its a matter of opinion i guess, to me what they call "chrome" is metallic the shiny mirror like polish. None of the polishes have names though which kind of sucks but i named them myself, we have Magenta, Deep Purple, Charcoal Black, and Teal. Not very inventive but it will help me indentify them. LOL


Magenta: Its a violet hot pink with purple and blue reflects along with some silver shimmers. Its your basic hot pink though the reflects make somewhat desirable. I probably would want this polish but would wait on it for another more interesting unique color. Then again, im not much for pink.

Deep Purple: This one i LIKE! Its this amazing purple with blue and silver glitters. You can see in the picture that it will probably take 3 coats to make it really opaque, i have 2 coats on and you can see the line of my nails free edge. Not very cute. Its a little less noticable without the flash but you can still kinda see it.

Charcoal Black: This is one of my favorites. Its gorgeous, but then its just a dark grey with ALOT of silver glitter and we all now how much i love glitter. This one i do consider metallic-ish, it has that look of metal vs the pink and purple polish. Its kind of cool because it catches a different color in different lights, it can look like a pale gold with silver. Yes... i may be a little color blind lol but i see it that way sometimes. i swear. lol


Teal: THIS one is my favorite! Its bright, colorful, glittery and eye catching! All of which i look for in anything i buy or put on my face. It has gold and silver glitter/reflects in it. This i also consider more metallic than the others. It has that heavy glitter metallic look to it. Not to mention the color is beautiful! I didnt mind or really notice the fact that I didnt have a polish this color but now that i have it im like "how the eff did i not want a color like this?!"
Overall i really like these polishes, the brush on them isnt too small to complain about but its not OPI status either. They deliver great color for an awesome price! $2.99! GO GET THEM!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Pic For My Dream Board

OMFG RIGHT?!?! i was watching the Wendy Williams show today which i never do i am not a fan. She kind of annoys me, but Jennifer Love Hewitt was on today and she was talking about Taylor Lautner so i had to watch! and Jennifer Love Hewitt is gorgeously adorable and hilarious. thats besides the point.... Wendy was wearing these AMAZING heels!!! she had them in black and i was like OMFG! is she gonna say what heels shes wearing?! what really irritated me was that she made it a point for everybody to see them!! she had a "lil note to herself" in her heel so when she went to get it of course the camera shot her shoes and lil angels sang and my eyes lit up. of course she never said anything... so then JLH comes out ans shes in the same shoes but in a beige! like the ones shown above and then i was like ok for sure she will let us know what shoes they are! NO! they just talk about how "oh my god we are wearing the same shoes ahaha" im like hello!!! what are they!??!?! so i went on a mission to find them.... i went to her website and after much hunting i found out she has like a "what i wore on the show today" lil thing. and these GORGEOUS AMAZING BEAUTIFUL SHINY AWESOME STUNNING heels are: Christian Louboutin "Clou Noeud" Spike Pumps and my friends these heels will only run you $1195 at Barneys. :( yes i almost cried too. I WANT THEM SO BADLY IN EVERY COLOR THEY HAVE! so i guess ill be able to afford 1 pair in about 5 yrs! lol i was super obsessed with these shoes until i found out hw much they were. Now i have something else to add to my "dream board" and for those of you who can afford them...... im a size 9. LOL

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nail Polishes!!

Hello hello! I posted a lil about how i have been going nuts over nail polish and nail art. Its almost to an obsession, almost up there with make up! im serious, anywhere i go im like "do they have nail polish?" It makes it worse when you watch super awesome nail art videos on youtube! i just wanted to share with you my nail polish splurge of today. My Rite Aid is having another Wet N Wild buy one get one FREE sale! the best part was i had no idea! i just wanted to check out the Sinful Colors nail polish and surprise! LOL i came home and i told my husband "honey rite was having buy on get one free! so i got 8 nail polishes for like $10 dollars!" my excitement did nothing to him, what he heard was "8 nail polishes" hahaha his response was "are you serious? 8 nail polishes?!" i simply nodded my head with a very happy smile! so here we go.... i got mostly Wet N Wild but i got 2 Sinful Colors polishes. OH BTW i dont know whats going on with my photo upload but it uploaded some pics horizontal and some vertical. its very random i tried fixing it but i failed so sorry.


Wet N Wild Mega Last Nail Color in 215A Haze Of Love: $1.99 its a matte/creme finish, no shimmer, no glittah. it reminds me of raisinettes for some reason lol it was not my first pick but i was oddly attracted to it. Its actually really pretty, very...... i wanna say regal, yeah i went there haha the only problem which i have encountered with all the WnW Mega Last polishes is the brush.... Its kinda... i hate to say cheap but it is. Its really course synthetic bristles so when you brush on the color you get the grooves of the brush BUT it automatically just melts/molds and looks flawless. Inconvenient yes but not enough for me to not buy these polishes THEY ARE AWESOME!


Wet N Wild Mega Last Nail Color in 217 Disturbia: $1.99 This was actually the first one i picked up. i went through a i wanna wear purple nail polish fit but i didnt have very many purple polishes to use. so when i saw this one i said SOLD! it has some shimmer in it reflects of like purple and silver its GORGEOUS! a serious must have! The bristles on this polish werent so bad, but im sure it varies on every bottle.


Wet N Wild Mega Last Nail Color in 218 Blackmail: $1.99 My mouth literally dropped when i saw this one! LITERALLY! i had my son with me so that automatically gives me the right to talk to myself like a crazy lady cuz hes listening to me haha i saw this one and i was like *gasp* OMG! we must take this one! yes out loud haha its a black nail polish with pink and silver shimmer/glitter it. it looks great on but it didnt have the wow factor i thought it would. Nice non the less.


Wet N Wild Mega Last Nail Color in 208A Through The Grapevine: $1.99 I have other pink nail colors but non quite like this or least i thought so until i polished it on. It looks like a very creamy barbie ink with blue/purple tones. its actually really stunning i wanted to leave my nails like this but i had 5 more polishes to do.

Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in 424A Black Creme: $0.99 Now yes black is black, but if your anything like me you see a 99 Cent nail polish and youll be like oh it probably sucks or isnt very opaque or your gonna need like 4 coats of the polish for it to be black. Thats what i thought but all my other black polishes are gloppy from being used all the time so i thought what the hay. This polish impressed me greatly! My index finger and middle finger are only 1 coat and my pinky and ring finger are 2. cant see the difference, and it dries FAST! the only complaint is the brush, it is uber small so i need like 5 brush strokes to color my nail.

The rest of the polishes are glitter polishes, glitter doesnt photograph well. Its somewhat visible i hope you can kinda see.

Wet N Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in 435G Sparkled: $0.99 I only have this one with flash i deleted the non flash and them emptied the recycle bin before starting. WHO DOES THAT?! This is basically what it looks like princess pink glitter polish. I will say that the other day i was debating on getting a Milani nail polish i forgot the name but it is the EXACT same! no joke. Milani polish is $4.45 to $5.00 depending where you go and this one is 99 cents! Woopty woop!

Cover Girl Boundless Color Nail Polish in 405 Disco Dazzle: $3.45 This nail polish i have been on the hunt for at Target for weeks! I never knew or paid attention to the fact tha Cover Girl had polishes! one day i was wandering around Target cosmetics and tada! found them! I saw the lil picture icon on this polish and it looked awesome but there wasnt any. The week after i went back, nada and i went the other day and i said lets just see and YAY! i got the last one! I really lke this one because it has 2 shapes and sizes of glitter, it has the traditional silver glitter and then it has the big round multicolored glitter LOVE LOVE LOVE! Perfect for nail art! The brush is small but thats good, i only really use glitter polish for more BANG on my nails so i can be more precise with a small brush.

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in 921 All About You: $2.99 I saw a video from LOVE4NAILS and she used this glitter polish on a leopard design and the glitter just added that bit extra and since then i have been all about glitter polish on nail art! I love it on my eyes why not my hands!!! This is just a bronzey gold the glitter is very fine but so amazing it shines and glimmers like no other.

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in 834 UFO: $2.99 This has a tint of orange color in the polish it has multicolored glitter and it has the very fine glitter/shimmer in it non of the the glitter is really orange just kind of silver with the tinted orange clear polish. again i say NAIL ART!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Feel Like Talking......

Hey everybody! so lately i have been super into my nails! i have been going on spending sprees on ebay for nail art stuff, and its soooo much cheaper than make up! there are so many great nail videos out on youtube i get stuck on them. My faves of now are LOVE4NAILS and 3Tanjaj3. i have been watching their vids non stop and my nails have never looked better or more fabulous! I got some dotting tools yesterday 5 dotting tools each with 2 ends so its like 10 tools for like 3 bucks!!! i also ordered a 15 brush set for $3. and some glitters for like 2 and rhinestones for 1 and other junk my husband isnt too happy about haha. I also am trying to get enrolled in beauty school again! im doing it all over again. I have been to Marinellos here in my town and they are brand new! so thats cool everything is new and clean and looks so professional! i have encountered some hurdles and i have already cried in this process..... i have come to realize that this is what i love and want to do for a living and for as long as god allows. Yes i have graduated beauty school before, waste of time and money. Not because of the school im not going to bash anyone. It was my fault... when your in beauty school some people get caught up in all the drama and believe me beauty school is like a soap opera. so much drama and gossip and talk behind peoples back its like your in high school again. SERIOUSLY. so i did get caught up the i dont feel like going to school today and ill just leave early or really just not pay attention or ask enough questions or for help and just kind of made my way by. when your there no one is on your back about your operations or your theory papers an you have to have a certain amount of ops done and if you dont do them your only messing yourself up not mention jeopardizing your work when you get to finally work on a real head! so when i finally graduated i failed my state board exam twice! and now this coming yr it has been 5 yrs since i graduated and according to state board rules/laws my 1600 hrs are void and no longer are valid. So im re enrolling and im actually going to go to school to get this done! not to make friends and be "cool" although making new friends is always welcomed i have other reasons to have my career. i have my kids and my house and the mindset that this is what i REALLY want! not just "oh have to go to school" its more like "im ready to go and lets go! go! go!!!" so im ready to start this journey again and i pray to god to help be above all the lil girls that like to talk poop and make me the more mature one... cause i am not always, i dont like to be disrespected for no reason but ill hold my tongue for 9 months. "youll never see them again Rachel" is what i will have to say to myself ahahha ill keep everyone posted on how this plays out and when im finally a student. i feel kind of dumb doing it all over again but have to just let that go and stop caring so much about what others are going to say because at the end of the day they dont pay my bills.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hair Tutorial: Heart Shaped Pin Curls

Hey everybody, so i uploaded a hair tutorial the other day and never blogged about it. As usual, i really have been wanting to blog guys. I explain kinda why in my "update" video which i should have had an "update" post but i guess i might haha. When my night finally winds down which is around 8pm, i say "ok Rachel time to blog or edit a video to upload!" and then i get to the laptop and i got straight to youtube to watch videos! LOL im serious. I have been really into my nails lately im going to have a review on what i have been using to get them to grow. So i watch nail design videos, make up videos, review videos, and then im like "thats it ... BLOG!" and by then im sleepy or im not in the mood to blog hahaha.
So on with the hair..... I have had a few people ask me to do this hairstyle so i wanted to do this one next. Its not very hard, if you use a curling iron on the ends of the section your going to pincurl. I do this lil hair-do alot when i wanna feel cute and girly haha which is actually starting to be alot of the time. I think next i will do a tutorial on how i got the..... i hate to type this because it gets misread ALOT! oh my husband has fun with this word....but the "Quiff" (pronounced KWIF) hairstyle i blogged about not too long ago. The trouble i think will be being able to see what im doing in the back ill probably have to record from the side for a lil while.
I had to edit myself out when i talk about the see through pincurls VS the full non see through pincurls. I personally dont like the pin curls your able to see through, but for the purpose of the video and for sake of time (which did not help) i left it as is. Some people HATE see through pin curls i am one of those people.... i can tolerate them at time but i much rather have the closed off pin curl. You can make it non see through (i wish i could find a better term but im rusty) by just a lil more teasing and a lil less smoothing out when you tease your sections. I didnt blog step by step what to do because i believe a majority of my readers are subscribers so you all have seen the video.... if you have not seen my video and would like me to do a step by step post please let me know! or you can take the easy way and search my video on youtube haha

Friday, July 2, 2010

HIDDEN TREASURE: MAC Colour Craft Collection

First, the MAC stuff i talk about is ALL LIMITED EDITION from the MAC Colour Craft Collection that came out July 2009. Sorry if it angers anyone but i was super excited! :D
June 12th 2010...... That weekend i went to hang out with my mom, my husband was gone for the next 2 weeks so i packed up the babies and headed down to my home town. My mom wanted to go to the indoor swap mall and get some new perfume all i wanted to do was eat some pizza (Me n Eds Pizza to be exact MMMMM) We get to the parking lot and there are many other lil stores in this shopping center so we had to park kinda far away from the swap mall, so we were walking toward the mall and my mom sees a huge sign that says "PERFUMERIA" which is the Mexican "PERFUMANIA" LOL my mom decides that we are going there first, i was not happy about this because the pizza was in the other direction. To my surprise when we approach the store i can see through the windows they have make up! I got a lil excited.... until we got inside!!! There were boxes and boxes of old discontinued foundations, powders, lipsticks and blushes all over the floor. EEWWW. I wasnt interested so i just wandered around while my mom tried to haggle with the salesman to bring down the perfume 10 bucks. LOL yeah she does that. Im chasing around Nathan when we hit the back of the store and THEN!! I saw it! the MAC Lipglass Set from the Magic Mirth & Mischief Collection! My heart skipped a beat. I asked the girl how much and she said $35 i couldnt and still cant remember the retail price so i dont know if it was a deal or not. I looked and inspected the lipglasses, casing, and box. IT WAS LEGIT! I told her i didnt want the lipglasses im not much for the MAC lipglasses just kinda like eh. She said "we have some blushes on this side" OMFG! They had Mineralized Skinfinishes and Mineralize Blushes AND the 131 Duo Fibre Brush! I got so excited cause i always kicked myself for not getting Porcelain Pink MSF and they had it!! They didnt have Daft Pink thought :( so sad. the MSFs were $25 Retail are $27. and the Mineral Blushes were $15! Retail they are $21. this is the BEST part i got two 131 brushes, they were $15!!! Retail they went for $40! My FIRST REAL FULL SIZE MAC BRUSH! LOL (i just found out the 131 brush is out with the To The Beach Collection too!) They also had the blush and bronzer kit of the Magic Mirth & Mischief Collection for $35 I MUST go back!! I heard somewhere that the Colour Craft Collection didnt do so im assuming these people bought them from someone. I asked the girl cuz im nosey but she didnt seem to know. Now you know where most of my IMATS spending money went. I could NOT pass this up!
*Left to Right*
Mineralized Blushes
I didnt get to swatch them in the store but I need to start buying more neutral colors for my kit i thought these would be perfect. I have NC40 skin and neither one of the blushes show up on me very well, they give off the pretty champaigne/pinky orange shimmer but no color. I tried building the color but what ends up happening is the shimmer builds rather than the pigmentation of the blush. So what i have been doing with both of these blushes is putting on a light layer of cream blush first and then the mineral blush on top, it gives a more colorful look that looks so beautiful and natural!

Cheek & Cheerful (left): It looks really coppery and bronzey in the swatch and it kinda is. Its a neutral tan color with gold veining and swirled together they make this gorgeous shimmery tan blush. I have been using this mineralize blush with MAC Lilicent Cream Blush and OMG. i was never into the cream blush thing i had this one for awhile and now i have a new use for it! i LOVE cream blushes! haha

Improvise (right): I wanted this one right when i saw it,it looks orange,pink, and coral to me all at the same time! Its a toned down orange with white gold veining. Swirled together they have that...... do you remember that ice cream when you were kid and they had that orange and vanilla cream ice cream they split and made 2 ice cream sticks? This is what this blush reminds me of! LOL a creamy orange. I use this one with Optimistic Orange Cremeblend Blush from the MAC in Lillyland Collection and it has been my favorite new blush to use for the past 3 weeks.


Mineralized Skin Finish
Porcelain Pink:

GORGEOUS! its a light pink with pale gold veining, kinda reminds me of By Candlelight MSF (R.I.P.) but with more of a pink flush to it. It looks amazing with MAC Fluer Power Blush. I dont like to use MSFs with blushes that already have shimmer in them because theres too much shimmer going on, i think anyway. ITS AN OPINION! i really wish i would have taken the time to look at the rest of the MSFs so i could pick out the one with the most veining, this one seems kinda low on the gold. haha


Not very noticable on its own but paired with a blush=awesome!

The next day we went to the swap MEET! yes they are 2 different things lol the swap meet is OUTSIDE and the swap mall is an INDOOR swap meet basically. while we were there i got these KleanColor eyeliners, i kind of had to buy the gold one i was swatching it even though there was a sign that said "no testing" and i broke the tip of the gold liner and the lady saw me hahaha! they are actually pretty creamy and smooth and super vibrant in color. They were $1 each. The Wet N Wild Creme Shadow i got at Rite Aid buy one get one half off, I went on a nail polish craze too, that will be posted next.
*Top to Bottom*
Wet N Wild Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil in 131 Electro

KleanColor Eyeliner in 919 Pearl Blue
KleanColor Eyeliner in Old No Name Purple (the pencil has no name on it! lol)
KleanColor Eyeliner in 909 Gold
MY BRUSHES!! The top 2 are the 131 brushes, im still not sure what to do with these. Foundation yeah i know but they are just so pretty hahah im thinking more contouring and highlighting. The bottom one is a fake MAC 187 i got at the swap meet for $13. Its super super soft! i have been using it for my cream blushing as you can tell LOL

THANK GOD FOR Melinda aka BlueFairy0173. She had a video/blog sale on youtube and she had Petticoat!! with shipping it was $40. i know! but i had to! i was sooo worth it! i can see why people are so crazy for this MSF its beautiful! and thats a total understatement i just kinda find a better word lol its like a raspberry sorbet! theres a creamy light pink with gold and raspbery veining and mixed together its this beautiful pink with hot pink/raspberry reflects. Lighter skin tones can wear this just as a shimmery blush for a natural glow effect.


Tutorial: Goldschlager

I didnt really know what i was going to do for make up on this day. I just went through on of my drawers and picked up the first eyeshadow i saw, turns out i picked up "Gilded" Metallic Eyeshadow Duos from Loreal. I remember like it was yesterday when i got this eyeshadow. I was in LABOR! and my husband took me to Target! My mom was always telling me that i needed to walk so labor would be easier...... well my husband made me walk while i was having contractions! I may have been in horrible unexplainable pain every 20 min but i walked my butt to the cosmetics aisles. So when i was finished with the look and it came down to lips i kinda knew i wanted to go red, it looks very "classic glamour" to me.

I tried something new with my eyebrows that day i have been wanting to do them reddish to match my hair for awhile (thanks Vivian!) but now that my hair is darker i thought it would look really cool. I love when im right lol I have been doing them like this since then i know i might have to go brown with certain eyeshadow looks but for now its been working for me. I have also rediscovered my love for MAC Studio Fix Powder. I ran out of foundation awhile ago and i started to use my studio fix in the mean time and im loving it! I still like my foundation but i like how i can just throw on my powder sometimes and still get that full coverage opaque-ness.

MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot (all over the lid to brow bone)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Gold (blended up to the crease)
Loreal Gilded Metallic Eyeshadow Duo
Gilded Duo: Gold E/S (on the lid, blended up)
MAC Carbon E/S (outter corner of the lid, blended up)
Gilded Duo: Black & Gold E/S (over Carbon)
MAC Blanc Type or Shroom E/S (brow bone highlight)

MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush LMTD ED.
im no sure if i wore a highlight lol

Jordana Lipliner in Cabaret (line and filled in)
Wet N Wild Mega Stay Lipstick in Stoplight Red 911D

New Hair :D

Everything i used to get my hair did:
  • 2 mixing bowls (1 for bleach and the other the Vampire Red)
  • 1 empty hair color bottle 8 oz size.
  • 20 and 30 volume developer
  • 2 packets of Loreal Quick Blue bleach (can be used on the scalp)
  • 2 Manic Panic Vampire Red hair color
  • 2 bottles of ION hair color in Light Burgundy Blonde
  • 2 hair color brushes (1 for bleach and another for color)
  • GLOVES!!!
  • 4 hair clips

1 comb for sectioning

This is a day or two after i colored my hair, i have to admit it look very similar to what i already had but looking back at pictures this is a darker yet still vibrant red which is exactly what i wanted so no complaints here!

This is what i had BEFORE. It was a auburn brown color, not my thing. Too neutral a color. lol SO while i was trying to figure out what i wanted to do with my hair i remembered i still had some Manic Panic Vampire Red hair color. I just wanted to try it out and see what would come of it so i just but it on my bangs or for the professionals out there fringe. :D

This is what happened!! i was in love! kinda like Will Ferrel in "Elf"...."im in love, im in love and i dont care who knows it!" i was so excited with the out come,but sometimes i would look too dark and others kinda brown-ish. So thats when i decided i was going to color my hair a burgundy color first THEN put it in the Vampire Red.

Oh, i wanted to show you guys my sad ends. Since the Vampire Red only deposits color (it basically with time "stains" the hair cuticle) it covered all that terrible-ness.

So to start the process i cant remember how long it took my exactly, i would say about 2 hrs. I sectioned of my hair... i have black hair on the bottom and lil triangular sections by each of my ears, i sectioned those out and tyed them up in lil ponytails to keep them out of the way. After that i sectioned the top of my hair in to the basic 4 sections (T parting) Clips! are important! and GLOVES! I mixed one packet and a half of the Loreal bleach and i just eyeballed the 30 vol. developer. I add developer and stir and so on, i like my bleach mix to be like syrup...not too runny but not to thick. Its just me i feel like if its too thick there isnt enough developer so it wont lift properly. I used 30 vol since my roots are virgin hair it will lift really fast but my hair is also really dark so i went with 30 vol.

I only applied it to my roots but there was another line of demarcation so i took out a lil further. In this case the line of demarcation is where one hair color ended and another started. I left the bleach on for about 20-25 min.

Rinsed out and dry, this is what it looked like. SO CUTE! i kinda felt like leaving it like that. LOL im seriously kidding! I sectioned my hair off in 4 again.

I mixed both bottles of the ION Light Burgundy Blonde hair color, i hate being in the midle of coloring my hair and have to mix up more color so "better safe than sorry" So i poured in the 2 bottles of color up to the 4 oz line and then poured the 20 vol. developer up to the 8 oz line. I chose to use 20 vol. because my ends are already so damaged and my hair was already really light so i needed deposit not lift. A 20 vol will lift your hair up 2 levels THEN deposit color, a 30 vol will lift your hair 3 levels THEN deposit hair color and so on and so forth.

Another rinse and dry and this is what it looked it like! Looking back.... i maybe would have gotten the DARK burgundy blonde, but thats alright i liked the outcome either way.
**i didnt take pics of my Manic Panic steps but i sectioned my hair in 4 again, poured about 1 whole jar of manic panic in a bowl and applied it by tiny sections just like i did the bleach. left it on for about an hour with a bag on my head and i heated it up a lil with the hair dryer**

VOILA! The ION hair color really has that shimmery dimensional hightlights going on! i LOVE IT! my hair looks so shiny and shimmery in the sun! The End!