Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Feel Like Talking......

Hey everybody! so lately i have been super into my nails! i have been going on spending sprees on ebay for nail art stuff, and its soooo much cheaper than make up! there are so many great nail videos out on youtube i get stuck on them. My faves of now are LOVE4NAILS and 3Tanjaj3. i have been watching their vids non stop and my nails have never looked better or more fabulous! I got some dotting tools yesterday 5 dotting tools each with 2 ends so its like 10 tools for like 3 bucks!!! i also ordered a 15 brush set for $3. and some glitters for like 2 and rhinestones for 1 and other junk my husband isnt too happy about haha. I also am trying to get enrolled in beauty school again! im doing it all over again. I have been to Marinellos here in my town and they are brand new! so thats cool everything is new and clean and looks so professional! i have encountered some hurdles and i have already cried in this process..... i have come to realize that this is what i love and want to do for a living and for as long as god allows. Yes i have graduated beauty school before, waste of time and money. Not because of the school im not going to bash anyone. It was my fault... when your in beauty school some people get caught up in all the drama and believe me beauty school is like a soap opera. so much drama and gossip and talk behind peoples back its like your in high school again. SERIOUSLY. so i did get caught up the i dont feel like going to school today and ill just leave early or really just not pay attention or ask enough questions or for help and just kind of made my way by. when your there no one is on your back about your operations or your theory papers an you have to have a certain amount of ops done and if you dont do them your only messing yourself up not mention jeopardizing your work when you get to finally work on a real head! so when i finally graduated i failed my state board exam twice! and now this coming yr it has been 5 yrs since i graduated and according to state board rules/laws my 1600 hrs are void and no longer are valid. So im re enrolling and im actually going to go to school to get this done! not to make friends and be "cool" although making new friends is always welcomed i have other reasons to have my career. i have my kids and my house and the mindset that this is what i REALLY want! not just "oh have to go to school" its more like "im ready to go and lets go! go! go!!!" so im ready to start this journey again and i pray to god to help be above all the lil girls that like to talk poop and make me the more mature one... cause i am not always, i dont like to be disrespected for no reason but ill hold my tongue for 9 months. "youll never see them again Rachel" is what i will have to say to myself ahahha ill keep everyone posted on how this plays out and when im finally a student. i feel kind of dumb doing it all over again but have to just let that go and stop caring so much about what others are going to say because at the end of the day they dont pay my bills.

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  1. WOOT WOOT! ECHALE GANAS WOMAN!!! Girls will hate on your for one simple reason, celos! So whatever, f*#$K them! hahahahha!!!!