Monday, August 9, 2010

Hair Tutorial: Heart Shaped Pin Curls

Hey everybody, so i uploaded a hair tutorial the other day and never blogged about it. As usual, i really have been wanting to blog guys. I explain kinda why in my "update" video which i should have had an "update" post but i guess i might haha. When my night finally winds down which is around 8pm, i say "ok Rachel time to blog or edit a video to upload!" and then i get to the laptop and i got straight to youtube to watch videos! LOL im serious. I have been really into my nails lately im going to have a review on what i have been using to get them to grow. So i watch nail design videos, make up videos, review videos, and then im like "thats it ... BLOG!" and by then im sleepy or im not in the mood to blog hahaha.
So on with the hair..... I have had a few people ask me to do this hairstyle so i wanted to do this one next. Its not very hard, if you use a curling iron on the ends of the section your going to pincurl. I do this lil hair-do alot when i wanna feel cute and girly haha which is actually starting to be alot of the time. I think next i will do a tutorial on how i got the..... i hate to type this because it gets misread ALOT! oh my husband has fun with this word....but the "Quiff" (pronounced KWIF) hairstyle i blogged about not too long ago. The trouble i think will be being able to see what im doing in the back ill probably have to record from the side for a lil while.
I had to edit myself out when i talk about the see through pincurls VS the full non see through pincurls. I personally dont like the pin curls your able to see through, but for the purpose of the video and for sake of time (which did not help) i left it as is. Some people HATE see through pin curls i am one of those people.... i can tolerate them at time but i much rather have the closed off pin curl. You can make it non see through (i wish i could find a better term but im rusty) by just a lil more teasing and a lil less smoothing out when you tease your sections. I didnt blog step by step what to do because i believe a majority of my readers are subscribers so you all have seen the video.... if you have not seen my video and would like me to do a step by step post please let me know! or you can take the easy way and search my video on youtube haha

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