Monday, April 15, 2013

for the past year.... and a half lol

Ive been getting my life together!! lets see.... ive been seperated from my ex husband (no pity needed lol) working on a divorce, graduated beauty school, got my cosmo license, have a new wonderful amazing man in my life, im working at an amazing salon, not to mention my kids are growing like weeds and i have to keep up with them haha its just been way too long, and YES! ive been without internet in my home for this long! no joke, years. Literally, haha i just got my lil hotspot for my home, i know! but when i say i was getting my life together i mean just that, from the bottom to the top all over again. im still getting emails and comments about videos and ill be honest my beautiful "followers" videos take up WAY too much of my time to record, edit & upload. im not saying ill never ever ever ever make them because i do want to make more hair tutorials because i feel people will get more out of them than they would the makeup vids seeing as there are a BAJILLION "makeup gurus" on youtube now. so ill more than likely post makeup pics here and there on her my blog and MOST DEFINITELY DEFINITELY ON MY INSTAGRAM: DOLLFACE851 puhleeeeez follow my instagram and youll get sick of me haha i tried to have both personal and professional instagram accounts but it was just too much lol i didnt like logging out of one and logging into another acct, seemed useless. so i have a hodgepodge of pics on my instagram. ive changed my hair a million times so my next post will probably be pics of me during this last year lol i want to thank every one of you for staying with me and those of you who just began to follow me, i cant promise ill be super amazing and consistant with my posts or videos but i will every now and then post about random crap im excited about lol im online again people internet to my leisure or if time allows but anywhos this concludes this post ill post pics of my hair and my random life for the past year or so :D dont forget to follow me on my instagram for hair and makeup pics and other randomness mostly food and drink lol! thanks so much ladies!