Thursday, February 9, 2012


hey guys! its been forever i know but believe me when i say i tried!!! i have no internet at home right now and i have to come to my sisters and for some reason blogger woiuldnt let me post anything! im hoping this posts, so anyways guys im getting ready to make my youtube come back haha seriously i miss it! and since im done with school im left with lots of time! so here we are :) my plan is to record and edit my videos at home (i dont need net for that) and then coming to my sisters and uploading and doing all my blogging stuff while im here. im hoping to get a video a week it doesnt sound tooooo hard but life gets in the way sometimes lol so help me out guys and send me requests or ideas so the new vids will be awesome!! :D ps thank you everybody who is "following" me a hundred and some people is freaking amazing!! im excited to be back and ill have my own internet soon, its been a VERY hard year for me so thank you for your patience!!! love love love you!!!