Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Pic For My Dream Board

OMFG RIGHT?!?! i was watching the Wendy Williams show today which i never do i am not a fan. She kind of annoys me, but Jennifer Love Hewitt was on today and she was talking about Taylor Lautner so i had to watch! and Jennifer Love Hewitt is gorgeously adorable and hilarious. thats besides the point.... Wendy was wearing these AMAZING heels!!! she had them in black and i was like OMFG! is she gonna say what heels shes wearing?! what really irritated me was that she made it a point for everybody to see them!! she had a "lil note to herself" in her heel so when she went to get it of course the camera shot her shoes and lil angels sang and my eyes lit up. of course she never said anything... so then JLH comes out ans shes in the same shoes but in a beige! like the ones shown above and then i was like ok for sure she will let us know what shoes they are! NO! they just talk about how "oh my god we are wearing the same shoes ahaha" im like hello!!! what are they!??!?! so i went on a mission to find them.... i went to her website and after much hunting i found out she has like a "what i wore on the show today" lil thing. and these GORGEOUS AMAZING BEAUTIFUL SHINY AWESOME STUNNING heels are: Christian Louboutin "Clou Noeud" Spike Pumps and my friends these heels will only run you $1195 at Barneys. :( yes i almost cried too. I WANT THEM SO BADLY IN EVERY COLOR THEY HAVE! so i guess ill be able to afford 1 pair in about 5 yrs! lol i was super obsessed with these shoes until i found out hw much they were. Now i have something else to add to my "dream board" and for those of you who can afford them...... im a size 9. LOL


  1. Wow!... I just recently added this to my wishlist and of course will be putting aside funds to save and buy.

  2. these are a must pretty& them,thanx for sharing hun

  3. ooooooo this are AMAZING!!! I bet if you go to los callejones in downtown you could find a knock off! I think I will have to take a trip and see... :D