Friday, July 2, 2010

New Hair :D

Everything i used to get my hair did:
  • 2 mixing bowls (1 for bleach and the other the Vampire Red)
  • 1 empty hair color bottle 8 oz size.
  • 20 and 30 volume developer
  • 2 packets of Loreal Quick Blue bleach (can be used on the scalp)
  • 2 Manic Panic Vampire Red hair color
  • 2 bottles of ION hair color in Light Burgundy Blonde
  • 2 hair color brushes (1 for bleach and another for color)
  • GLOVES!!!
  • 4 hair clips

1 comb for sectioning

This is a day or two after i colored my hair, i have to admit it look very similar to what i already had but looking back at pictures this is a darker yet still vibrant red which is exactly what i wanted so no complaints here!

This is what i had BEFORE. It was a auburn brown color, not my thing. Too neutral a color. lol SO while i was trying to figure out what i wanted to do with my hair i remembered i still had some Manic Panic Vampire Red hair color. I just wanted to try it out and see what would come of it so i just but it on my bangs or for the professionals out there fringe. :D

This is what happened!! i was in love! kinda like Will Ferrel in "Elf"...."im in love, im in love and i dont care who knows it!" i was so excited with the out come,but sometimes i would look too dark and others kinda brown-ish. So thats when i decided i was going to color my hair a burgundy color first THEN put it in the Vampire Red.

Oh, i wanted to show you guys my sad ends. Since the Vampire Red only deposits color (it basically with time "stains" the hair cuticle) it covered all that terrible-ness.

So to start the process i cant remember how long it took my exactly, i would say about 2 hrs. I sectioned of my hair... i have black hair on the bottom and lil triangular sections by each of my ears, i sectioned those out and tyed them up in lil ponytails to keep them out of the way. After that i sectioned the top of my hair in to the basic 4 sections (T parting) Clips! are important! and GLOVES! I mixed one packet and a half of the Loreal bleach and i just eyeballed the 30 vol. developer. I add developer and stir and so on, i like my bleach mix to be like syrup...not too runny but not to thick. Its just me i feel like if its too thick there isnt enough developer so it wont lift properly. I used 30 vol since my roots are virgin hair it will lift really fast but my hair is also really dark so i went with 30 vol.

I only applied it to my roots but there was another line of demarcation so i took out a lil further. In this case the line of demarcation is where one hair color ended and another started. I left the bleach on for about 20-25 min.

Rinsed out and dry, this is what it looked like. SO CUTE! i kinda felt like leaving it like that. LOL im seriously kidding! I sectioned my hair off in 4 again.

I mixed both bottles of the ION Light Burgundy Blonde hair color, i hate being in the midle of coloring my hair and have to mix up more color so "better safe than sorry" So i poured in the 2 bottles of color up to the 4 oz line and then poured the 20 vol. developer up to the 8 oz line. I chose to use 20 vol. because my ends are already so damaged and my hair was already really light so i needed deposit not lift. A 20 vol will lift your hair up 2 levels THEN deposit color, a 30 vol will lift your hair 3 levels THEN deposit hair color and so on and so forth.

Another rinse and dry and this is what it looked it like! Looking back.... i maybe would have gotten the DARK burgundy blonde, but thats alright i liked the outcome either way.
**i didnt take pics of my Manic Panic steps but i sectioned my hair in 4 again, poured about 1 whole jar of manic panic in a bowl and applied it by tiny sections just like i did the bleach. left it on for about an hour with a bag on my head and i heated it up a lil with the hair dryer**

VOILA! The ION hair color really has that shimmery dimensional hightlights going on! i LOVE IT! my hair looks so shiny and shimmery in the sun! The End!


  1. very pretty.. makes me want to go back to red... eh but I know I'll miss my pink! I wish I could have both! lol.
    ahh seeing this post remindes me I need to redo mine & i loathe haircoloring day... cuz yea, it pretty much turns into the whole day when it comes to crazy colors! ... bleach, wash, dry, apply color, wash, dry, etc....
    its such a chore! lol

  2. i know! im like arrghh nooooo my roots! whhhyy?! lol

  3. when you dyed your fringe, i really loved that color. but when you dyed the rest of your hair, it doesn't look the same color to me. still nice but I'd like my hair to be as dark as your fringe. any advice?? thanks :)

  4. Do you have an eyebrow tutorial? Thanks!

  5. This looks great!! I'm scrolling up & down comparing this with the pic of the girl with the scribbled out face (lmao) and I think you did a GREAT job matching it up!! :D