Thursday, February 4, 2010

I HAD to do this one! Bebe Zahara Benet

Picture it... Its Monday night and im sitting around waiting for the premier of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2! Yeah i know i was already excited, but i never got to see the reunion episode when all the girls get back together to look back and talk about the season, partly because i was rooting for Nina Flowers, I was so amazed by her and her make up skills! OMG! If Nina couldnt have won i would have liked to see Ongina win she was my second choice, then Bebe. God just not Rebecca Glasscock!! ARGH talk about irritating! Anyway when Bebe Zahara Benet won i was devastated. hahaha like literally. Nina Flowers took it like a pro though she was graceful and polite, i probably would have yanked out her weave. LOL Good TV yeah?

When i saw Bebe come out i was like "get the eff outta here! i gotta do that tomorrow!" lol This is the ONLY picture i could find with her and this make up! This is from the reunion show but i just loved the way it looked. It could be the red lips, the flowers or the fact that her hair was teased up so awesomely!! (is that a word?) Her look was a lot more FABULOUS and dramatic but I took what i wanted from it. i like the lips i wanted them to be the focal point of the look, but i wanted the eyeshadow too! so i just kinda took the eyes down a few notches, using different shades of brown. Her eyes are mainly black with really full lashes. Her lips are also mostly black, which is super hot i LOVE them! i went more red and a lil it of black. Chicken huh? :(

I did make a video tutorial for this look. I hope to post it tomorrow, i wanted to do it tonight but ya know what? Recording yourself doing your make up and then editing and uploading takes alot more than you think! The editing takes me forever simply because i have to squeeze it down to 10 minutes, who does that?! Then im rushing through the video so your not really getting what you need out of it. sucks i know, so either i need to be faster or make part 2 videos lol I actually did make 2 different videos, i made one for the eyeshadow and another for the lips because i knew it wasnt gonna fit into one video. 10 minutes..... are they crazy?

Stay "tuned" to my YouTube channel for the video(s)!!!

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  1. I love the lips!!!! I love love love LOVE la LOCA!!! Nina Flowers too!!! bahahahahah....