Tuesday, February 23, 2010

YouTube Videos Coming Up!!!

I have been getting alot of requests for an eyebrow tutorial! Im a lil hesitant because i do my brows BEFORE my foundation and powder etc. SO i will look ghastly!!! LOL BUT i am going to make the video! Along with MY 10 Fav. eye brushes and MY 10 fav. or maybe less face brushes. OH!!! and MY FIRST HAUL VIDEO!! I dont know why people hate on haul videos!! i LIKE them! They are more detailed (well some are) and the person goes into depth on the color and how it looks and then a swatch so i know what it looks like. i see people comment "oh your just bragging about what you have!" NO DING DONG! im doing this for you! So you have more info on the product if you are thinking about buying it for yourself! and to be honest i find myself watching haul videos late night all the time! LOL i see something i like that i didnt know about before! SOOO yes i am making a haul video! and i will address all these topics in the video too. IF time allows haha. I think im going to make a Revlon ColorStay Foundation VS MAC Studio Fluid? Fluid Foundation?? IDK! i got my first MAC foundation the other day i have been wanting to get one for awhile but Revlon always worked so well. so i just always kind of skipped it. But i thought it would hopefully give me a lil more coverage. AND i could make a video for you guys! Thank you to my new followers! and keep reading and stay tuned to my youtube channel!!!

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