Saturday, April 17, 2010

To Post......Or Not To Post......

Alright guys...... I recorded a tutorial for this look with the intentions of posting it on my YouTube Channel, but after I got done with the look i wasnt to sure if i was loving it. My thoughts are if IM not loving it, why in the world would YOU guys love it?! Its cute, i guess its alright. Of course dramatic and dark, but it was painted alot better in my head. LOL. You know what i think it is?? I just cant keep a black eyeshadow look BLACK!! Like with this, look in my head it was a midnight/tar/lump of coal BLACK! It looks like a soft black. Very disappointing. I used the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean as a base so i thought it would keep the E/S looking matte black and I used Carbon from MAC which is the blackest eyeshadow i own. I was also thinking about getting a pigment..... would that have more staying power and intensity im looking for? Any thoughts? Suggestions? Any would be appreciated! Another reason im on the fence with one is because, again in my head i pictured matte white and black but when i was doing the eyeshadow and i was applying the bases a little light bulb went off in my head and it was blinking "use a shimmery white!" soooooo i did...... what a nerd!!!! Of course, i used a pigment of all things! So now the white shimmery-ness of the pigment is inching itself onto the black shadow! and making it a grayish color. Hey look another light bulb just went off and it said "maybe thats why the black shadow isnt so black?" lol
By the end of the day i looked like a hot mess. SERIOUSLY! The eyeshadow looked completely unblended, kind of in the pics too, and the black liner in my water line was eeking into the outer corners of my eyes. I dont know, i just hated they way it looked later on in the day. Usually my make up doesnt look "melted off my face" until i dont need it anymore! HA! Have you ever done your make up and looked at pics later and cringed? Im kinda doing that now...... Anyway!!! The point of this crybaby whimpy whiner post is to ask the advice of my lovely readers. Should i post the video or not??

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