Monday, April 12, 2010

REVIEW: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips & Gel Liners

Alright guys, this is a super awesome special post! There i am walking around my CVS and their make up selection is pretty good but the replenishment of stock sucks! I initially went to look for a specific product that they didnt have! im going to review the product im talking about later so dont feel left out. So i just began to browse i went through the Rimmel stuff... nothing really awesome there. I went through the nail polishes and found out they carry O.P.I! Woo! I went by the Physicians Formula which takes me back to my youth. LOL i used to love love love one of their blushes! I see it and it takes me back! Anyway i picked up a stacker of gel liners, it was the only one left the rest were sold out; for good reason! but what really caught my eye was the purple lilac-ish liner in the center. It was the Eye Enhancing Hazel Eyes stacker. Then i looked across from me and there was a whole end cap with more gel liners but these included the eyeshadows! Now mind you i wasnt necessarily blown away by the shadows, but more the price! The gel liners themselves cost $10.99 which is amazing for 3 liners! but this little "special value" pack was $14.99!!! so for $4 more i got the eyeshadow palette from the "POP!" Collection. I got the Enhance Green Eyes pack ONLY because i fell in love with the green gel liner! I couldnt leave that gorgeous leprechaun green, it had to come home with me!

POP! Enhance Green Eyes Eyeshadow Palette

This palette has 7.5G of product in it. Pretty good yeah? Compared to a MAC E/S which is 1.5G in one pot...... doing the math each shadow is about 1.2G so only .03G off! WHOA!

I applied the shadows with a small Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow brush, Soft Ochre Paint Pot as a base. I forgot to apply them wet. : (


Guys there are some serious MAC duplicates in this palette. The last one on the right is very very very similar to the Birds & Berries E/S in the Liberty Of London Coll. I know it looks like a charcoal color in the pic but my camera sucks! So the pics dont do them justice! The one to the left of it is a TOTAL duplicate for Stars N' Rockets with better pigmentation! The one after that perfect duplicate for "Golden Olive" pigment. After that one is a duplicate for "Grape" pigment. Ok One more! The one right in the center is a duplicate for "Teal" pigment. Awesome right!?


All the shadows are super shimmery! I used to be obsessed with shimmer! i just kind of fell off that wagon. I like shimmer its beautiful but im loving matte shadows right now. The very first eyeshadow on the right is amazing! I cant even describe it, its like a frosty white with greenish blue duochrome. Not really good for a highlight but awesome for a lid color or inner corner. Like i said i forgot to apply them wet i havent even tried so just me myself can see, so i cant tell you if it looks the same or 100 times better. Im going to do a tutorial with this palette because i already have ideas swarming around in my head, the possibilities are endless! Ill let you guys know then, but by the looks of things i might just be very pleased with them.

Enhance Green Eyes Gel Liners

All the stackers come with 3 liners. This one came with a green liner which can best be described as a vibrant grassy green with green shimmer. Just looks at the pics! OMG! The one in the center is blue based purple liner very pretty! I actually thought it was a bright blue when i was in the store but when i got it home i had a wonderful surprise! It was an awesome purple color with blue/purple shimmer in it. The last liner looks like just your plain ole ordinary black gel liner which it is BUT it has green shimmer in it!! you cant tell at all in my pictures but you can in real life. (is that the right term to use? ha!) When i swatched it at first i was like "booo you cant see the green shimmer!" but once it dried i was like "wooow" exactly like that!


All the liners are creamy and so easy to apply! They give a great EVEN application! I have had some liners that just dont cooperate at all when it comes to an even application. Especially when you try to go over a spot that has already dried, you get that clumpy looking liner. EEWWWW
Or as you apply the liner you just put on is coming off! Not cool or sexy by any means. For $10.99 its like a no brainer, man! I paid $16.50 for my MAC gel liner and i only got one color! Overall I really liked these liners, i want to go back for the Hazel Eyes set. I just want the light purple color from that stack.


Now some of you might be saying that the pots look really small.... which is true. The total Net Wt. of the stacker is 6G. So im assuming that each pot has 2G of product in it. MAC Fluidline has 3G of product but again like i said you only get one color. For $10.99 you get 3! and for 1G i doubt i would even notice! LOL Not to mention that these liners i swear are indestructable! I tried wiping them off after taking pics with a baby wipe and yeah i just went to wash my hand instead! I hope this helped some that are undecided about these liners. GET THEM!! they are so worth it! and easy on the wallet!


  1. ok, your making me run to CVS early in the morning, cause those gel liners look awesome. The eyeshadow are very pigmented, never expected that from PF brand seeing I don't really own anything from them.

  2. exactly what i thought! i was like physicians formula?! booo! lol but i was so impressed! go go go! lol