Monday, April 5, 2010

So.Cal ZOMBIE WALK!!!!!!

OMG OMG OMG!! I know this has nothing to do with my YouTube channel or make up.... well it does have something to do with make up. ZOMBIE MAKE UP! When i was in my Theatrical Make Up class awhile back i was doing research and by research i mean "googling" zombie make up and i came across a web page about a "zombie walk" and since undead, gore and horror intrigues me, i clicked on the link. I begin to read that (i forgot the name of the city) somewhere out in the midwest they have annual zombie walks!! im like whhhaaaaatt?! why dont they have something like that out in Hollywood!? or as they say in the "Valley Girl" movie.... "Holly-Weird" So basically a zombie walk is a bunch of people in zombie make up and costumes walking from one destination to another usually for a good cause i guess this year they are collecting canned food for i forgot what. I know im terrible, the cause wasnt what i was interested in. I guess its been happening for a couple years now?? I never knew!! which leads me to believe that maybe it isnt all its cracked up to be?? I dont want to go and be totally disappointed and have the "walk" be completely lame! I dont know about the one out in Hollywood but i read that San Diego just had their zombie walk in March. They had costume contests and live bands etc etc. Doesnt sound too lame.....? Does it? haha So yeah thats my random rant for tonight, So in conclusion..... People of Southern California.......Join me in my adventure of the ZOMBIE WALK!!! *im speaking in a thunderous voice* LOL

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