Friday, April 16, 2010

REVIEW: Revlon Lipsticks

Hello hello! I have a little bit of exciting news well its not really a huge deal but i think i may have found a perfect substitute for a certain MAC lipstick that people seem to love and always rave about, but for that you will have to wait! I went down to my CVS again yesterday and Revlon was having a Buy One Get One 50% off sale, so naturally i NEEDED to get something!! I initially had my heart set on the Revlon Photo Finish Foundation. I really want to try it out. I have been watching some really great reviews on it and of course i wanted to let you guys know how well it wears. I have to tell you guys that i was selfish, please forgive me. I left the store with 6! lipsticks! I know, I know, but my next CVS purchase will be the foundation! I also want to pick up the Loreal Studio Secrets Make Up Base i think thats what its called. Im running low on my primer so im going to give that one a try. Alright enough babbling.
These first 2 lipsticks are from the Revlon Matte Collection. The first one is Mauve It Over #003. As you can see in the picture (or maybe you cant! LOL) it is a neutral fleshy color, not mauvey at all. The bottom one is Pink About It #004. It is somewhat of a bright pink, it has a coral undertone to it. Its a beautiful color, the downside on these matte lipstick is that they are sooo drying!! Yes i know every matte lipstick is drying but these more than the usual! Before they dry up they get into the little crevices of your lips, in every lil wrinkle you have and THEN dry up! So you have a Cruella DeVille look going on! Then if you try to Re-apply it gets cakey and blotchey, not cute. I DO NOT like these lipsticks! I say that now, but let me try and work with them. Maybe if i use a lip conditioner under them.... but seriously, i doubt it. IN MY OPINION it seems like the Revlon Matte Collection is a big fail, i dont like the eyeshadows either. : ( Evil woman, i know.

Now these I LOVE!!! The top one is Orange Flip #710 from the Moon Drops Coll. Its in the old school green lipstick tube. This color is awesome! I got it because i have been wanting Morange from MAC and i figured for now this will work quite nicely, and it does! Only that Morange is an Amplified Creme finish, meaning that the color payoff is outstanding and they are so opaque. The Revlon one is more of a kind of lustre finish if you will. Its glossy, sheer but buildable. Im still going to love using this one! I smell a tutorial! The one in the center is Kiss Me Coral #750 from the Super Lustrous Lipstick Coll. It comes in the black tube with gold band. Now i have been looking for the perfect coral lipstick for what seems like ages. I cant say i found it in this one. The color is somewhat like....... BLAGH. Understand? its a nice color, i suppose if i use the Orange Flip over it, it will be an awesome color. Kind of reminds me of Ever Hip from MAC, this one has a lil more color pay off though. The bottom one is my favorite!! Its Va Va Violet #663. Its a gorgeous dark purple. It looks like it has somewhat of a red violet tone to it in the picture, but its totally purple! Dramatic, dark and just the way i like them!

This one is the doozy, one of these is MAC Up The Amp lipstick and the other is a Revlon lipstick. Did you guess yet? Well the top one is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Berry Haute #660. The bottom one is MAC Up The Amp. You can kinda see the difference in the finish. Again the Revlon lipsticks have the kind of Lustre finish to them. I saw this one and i was like "heeey i over paid for Up The Amp!" The Revlon lipstick has more light blue pink to it and the MAC has more purple lilac in it, but hey! Its an awesome duplicate! Just thought id share, I was excited. Overall i really like the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks. They are creamy, but they dont shift all over your lips and feather out. Shiny and have great color payoff. The price varies on where you go from $7-$9, its still a good deal, and of course you always have the BOGO sales! Im going to invest into some more lip products, ive focused on eyeshadows for a long time. Revlon is an awesome brand, or "drug store" brand. I read somewhere that Revlon was actually a "high end" brand in its day. Goes to show you the quality in these products. Well some, lets exclude the Matte Collection!

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