Monday, May 17, 2010

VERY Good Hair Day

Not too crazy about the make up but im LOVE LOVE LOVING my hair!!!! I know it sounds so narcissistic but i had never done my hair like this before and it came out so awesome! I dont have bangs, my fringe hair goes to about my nose now sooo i had tried to curl them under with a curling iron many times but when it came to pinning it down it would look terrible and stiff do to too much hairspray.
So the other day i was in the bathroom and i was playing with my hair and i remembered i saw a video along time ago from retropinup13 and she showed her technique for faux bettie bangs. i tried it and it didnt work for me, not like i expected it to anyway. so i got irritated, slapped on some of my husband hair putty and Oh mylanta! it worked! Just on the end of section and hairspray on the top.
This is the result! I also have exciting news! My wonderful beautiful forgetful mother left her camera at my house! Its the same Sony Cyber Shot i have but its a newer model therefore.... it has HD and god knows what else! SO! i might just record a hair tutorial this week! YAY!
This is hair from the night before.... i slept in my new do, i did it in the middle of the night. So i woke up and tweaked it a lil. Its actually better to do it the night before so the next day you want to wear it, your hair will already be teased and in the shape you want it to be so when you go to actually fix it up your hair it will cooperate! Get me? I do it all the time!


  1. omg this is beautiful! u should try to do a tutorial on a dummie when it comes to my hair but my makeup i can do lol
    Hope to see this on your youtube soon!

  2. You're hair rocks here! And I'm loving your queeny layout!

  3. i friggin love this hair style of yours!

    CD x