Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I said in my post this morning that Cora aka VintageorTacky is always beating me to awesome cheap finds but im going to do this anyway because i kinda feel like it. LOL I went to my Rite Aid today to "quickly" get some formula for my daughter, i didnt think it posed much of a threat only because i havent been wanting anything from any "drugstore" cosmetic line lately and i KNEW that this Rite Aid carried Wet N Wild but not any of the new awesome stuff. I had gone there like a fiend looking for the Color Icon Palettes and they didnt have them or any the new lipstick. Of course of all the days to fix up the Wet N Wild rack and stock it up with all the new stuff it had to be today! I walked by and just kinda skimmed while walking and i kept walking! only i looked back and saw the palettes and i was like "oh wait a minute!" and made a u turn. They now have the new palettes and some other palettes of 3 eyeshadows which are also amazing. Recently though i find that i desperately want to collect the new Mega Last Lip Color Lipsticks. I bought one when i first saw them at target and i loved it! Then i bought 2 more next time and i said thats it! i must have them! I picked up 2 more today, super awesome! I need new adjectives. LOL oh! how about stunning! oh i like it!


Starting from the left:

903C Just Peachy: looks more like a nude color on me, i thought it would look more like a soft peachy ish color to use on a "no make up day" but nah looks nude. On fair skin i think it would look gorgeous, it would actually give of the peach tone.

904B Rose-Bud: I really like this one, a soft pink. Everybody needs a color like this for when they want color on the lips but not full on color.

905D Smokin' Pink: To me this looks ALOT like Impassioned from MAC i have it and trust me they look the same. Except this one is more wearable for those who arent used to bright color on the lips. Impassioned is beautiful but it has that "neon" effect when you put it on.

909D Coral-ine: It said Coral so i had to buy it. Its a great color but not really coral if you ask me, looks like an orange toned red. For 3 bucks im not going to complain.

908C Sugar Plum: *squeals with joy* AMAZING AMAZING color! Reminds me of Rebel from MAC, i dont own it so i cant say for sure but i have swatched it and it looks alot like that! lol it looks even better on you guys, medium/dark skin tone girls you must have this!


Just a lil info..... i went on the Wet N Wild website to make sure of the names because they only have numbers on the bottom not the actual name. I cant find the "Smokin Pink" on the website i dont know if that means they dont make it anymore which i doubt, but i know there is more to the name of the lipstick..... "Smokin Hot Pink"?? Maybe?? These lipstick are $2.99!!!! OMG!! There are 20 shades!! AHHH! Vamp it Up and Cherry Bomb sound interesting. So when i get my hands on more of these bad boys ill swatch and share!

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