Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello, Hello!

hello my lovely people...... yes yes i am alive. I cant say ive been busy, well i guess i have, having 2 babies under the age of 1 can take alot out of you! i have alil time now so i thought id let you guys know whats going on in the life of Rachel.... I planned on making a tutorial this morning and posting it this afternoon but last night i forgot to wash my brushes and since i ran out of brush cleanser i cant do the fast fix. On that note, im putting in an order on MAC online i dont know if i should just make the drive down to my nearest counter or order online. PROS to ordering online is i can get it up to 50 bucks for free shipping and that would make a perfect excuse for husband so i an get extra stuff LOL CONS: it takes forever! im an instant satisfaction type of girl! Ill probably end up ordering online i already know what im gonna get! so im excited. MAC shopping is always fun for me. Its kind of soothing for me.... sounds stupid i know but I like it! i cant really explain it. I havent really been doing my face lately, just on Sat. my best friend and her soon to be husband... (yay! im excited) came over. I redid a look from GoldieStarling another one of my favorite people. Ill post that up later and of course i kinda through my own 2 cents in there. speaking of my favorite you tube people.... Cora aka VintageorTacky is always beating me to the punch on reviewing awesome cheapo things! Im too slow... i must be quicker. She beat me with the Wet n wild palettes and now i just saw her video on crappy drugstore buys (not her words those are mine) and she talks about how awesome the new wet n wild matte lipsticks are. and they are!! i have 3 and im telling you guys wet n wild is improving quality dramatically!! its not just for your baby neice anymore! i have only found the wet n wild palettes and matte lipsticks at my Target Supercenter, my friend tells me she cant find them at her local Target. So i dont know whats up with that. One things she does have is a pretty awesome selection of ELF brushes, the black handles PRO brushes. i didnt get any when i was down there but i regret it. OH!!! and my very awesome very best friend that i love oh so dearly! found me a Cinderfella dupe!! oh yes people! The wet n wild palette has one too but this one has the super shimmer chunky glitter!! are you ready?!?! alright ill tell you... Its Cryptonite from NYX!! oh yes..... she gave me one cause she already had the eyeshadow and had now idea and bought another one! LUCKY ME!! so i was in awe on how similar they are!! and if my camera didnt suck so much id swatch them for you! LOL trust me guys buy that eyeshadow if your kicking yourself for not getting Cindefella im kicking myself for actually buying it! Still need one for Gilt By Association, that ill NEVER regret buying. Beautiful color! alright well i hear my son talking to himself meaning hes awake and hungry! LOL im off to wash dishes and feed my children!! this was fun ill do it again, I cant really talk to my husband about my make up/random ventures and my bestie is always busy cause she has no kids! LOL so from now on..... you guys will be my....... whats the word..... not shoulder to cry on.... something like that but in a fun way! My P.I.C's?? hahaha Role Models was a hilarious movie a must watch! Its Partner In Crime by the way. Oh!! im not sure what tutorial to do next.... i have a request for an Orange and gold tutorial and kinda want to do a dark purple look i saw on the IMATS promo online, and another is a Callowlily look.......which sounds more fun? Now im off!

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