Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Copy Cat: Goldie Starling

Hola! Alrighty, i did this look on Saturday.... I kinda felt like a Power Ranger. LOL I was going through my subscriptions the other day on YouTube, and im not sure the video i saw from GoldieStarling but she had a link for a blog and i clicked and tada! She just started a blog no too long ago and the look shes wearing in her photo is her Sugar Pill Cosmetics (for which i am DYING to get my hands on!) Inspired look. I had to rummage around her videos to find it but i did!! and then i found out she used Sugar Pill.... WAH WAH WAH. So i just went through my stuff and recreated it the way i wanted to. See you dont need EXACTLY what the person in the video is using. Use what ya got. So basically her look was a yellow with an awesome tealish blue color, my plan was to mix Electric Eel and Blue Sky (glam couture) but when i applied Blue Sky it seemed fine so i didnt bother with Electric Eel. I didnt want to leave it just yellow and blue so i went ahead and put a mix of Vibrant Grape and Fig.1 in my crease. I didnt take it too high because i didnt want to take away from the blue, i wanted the blue and yellow to stand out i just needed that extra something in there. My highlight i think i used Blanc Type. I stick to certain shadows when i like how it looks as a highlight, like with Nylon and Creamy, before that was Retrospeck and many moons ago was Opal and White from NYX and now Blanc Type i really like the effect it gives. Ill find something new.

I love these new lashes too! They are Ardell Wispies, i got them from my trusty Target. They look natural (maybe to me cause i use mega drag queen lashes LOL) but long and they give you the flirty eye! super cuuute! I took pictures before i applied liner on my waterline i was going to leave it bare but then i put Electric Blue from NYX and it looked pretty cool. OHHHHH!! i used my By Candlelight MSF that day and i put it in my lil make up bag that goes in my purse for the day and i left it on my coffee table like a genius!!!! and my son got a hold of it and BAM threw it on the floor, i didnt check the bag or anything i just put it up on the kitchen counter...... lets fast forward to the next day. So there i was putting on my make up and i started going through my lil pouch looking for my FAVORITE MSF and then!! TUN TUN TUN! I found it shattered in my bag!! NNOOO WHHHYYYY!!! Take meeeeeee!! I can still use it and most of it stayed in the compact so its not a total loss but still *sigh* breaks my heart.
Soft Ochre Paint Pot
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
MAC Chrome Yellow (on the lid up to crease)
MakeUp For Ever Yellow Pigment (Over Chrome Yellow)
Glam Couture Blue Sky (above crease)
MAC Vibrant Grape and Fig.1 (in the crease)
MAC Blanc Type (highlight)
Jesses Girl Loose Shadow in Secret Weapon (inner corner)

MAC Fluer Power
MAC MSF By Candlelight :''(

NYX Lipliner in Deep Purple
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Madison Mauve


  1. cute! I love the Ardell Wispies as well.. they also have a demi wipsie that gets longer toward the outter edges. Really nice for a natural pinup look. Also.. I dont know if you have a Sally Beauty supply near you.. but you can get the wipsies as well as pretty much all of Ardell lashes for a better price there. =)
    p.s PLEASE post pics of your hair girl! lol

  2. awww! thank you! sure! i need to start including my hair, but dont worry it wasnt very cute that day lol