Thursday, May 20, 2010

A New "Healthy Lifestyle"

Ive been feeling not so cute after having my daughter, so as always i thought about starving myself and start counting calories again. The thought of it made me so sad. haha i hate looking at the nutritional facts of everything i eat! its like just let me eat in peace brain! so i decided on a better plan, my mom lost alot of weight juicing up all day. She bought herself the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer and of course i was skeptical. It worked! in about 6 months she lost 30 lbs. which is a healthy weight loss but isnt enough for me, i want to lose like 30 lbs in a month! LOL medically thats not good for your body. Healthy weight loss is about 1 lbs a week! A WEEK! thatll take forever! I lost track of myself here.......oh yeah my mom lost a bunch of weight juicing up! So she gave me her Jack Lalanne juicer cause she got the new Montel Williams juicer/soup maker/get cash anyway i can machine. Yeah my mom buys everything that talks about health on infomercials. She got me the Bullet too! i LOVE that thing! So basically my plan is to have a smoothie not a jamba juice 1,00o calorie smoothie but a frozen fruit, oj, yogurt, soy milk and sometimes powdered oats smoothie. they are actually really good. My son thinks hes on a diet too cause he drinks half of mine every morning. and for lunch when my husband gets home a light healthy meal, usually chicken, veggies and brown rice. Brown rice isnt so bad, i dont notice the difference my husband says he does but meh! and for later in the day i usually will have yogurt and granola or coffee. Im giving myself my coffee! no fat free creamer! god no. i love my coffee too much to destroy it like that! the weekends are free range to an extent i suppose, im not having a huge burger and fries but ill have a bite so i dont want to kill myself in a month and go out and eat 4 slices of pizza and cheesy bread. NO ABSOLUTELY NO SODA!! that stuff is terrible! even the "diet" soda! if your trying to lose weight and are drinking diet soda, im sorry to tell you but your doing yourself a huge disservice. Im drinking water, cranberry juice or pomegranate juice. 100% juice i hope haha thats what it says on the bottle anyway. My mom gave me some cranberry juice and i was like "mmmm cranberry juice isnt so bad!" i go to look at the label and it says "13% juice"!!! what the H-E double hockey sticks is that!!! basically the rest is sugar, water and food coloring! 100% cranberry juice isnt too bad either though i guess i would say that when all i have been drinking before that is water lol. I have been doing this for about a week and since i am the instant satisfaction kind of dieter im very discouraged i havent lost anything! Then again i havent been exercising or doing any cardio. I seriously cant seem to find the time, i guess i could be exercising right now instead of talking about exercising huh? :D HAA! Im liking this new "healthy lifestyle" thing its really not hard and in all honesty guys if i can sit here and tell you that im liking it and not finding it too difficult not to scarf down pizza, fries and pan dulce (mexican sweet bread:my weakness!) then it isnt so bad! cause i am a horrible eater, i usually wont eat much all day and then i eat whatever i see in the middle of the day and thats really bad eating. one HUGE meal a day is the recipe to be fat! LOL believe me i did it to myself! I lost 50 lbs when i was 16 i was at 139 lbs :( makes me want to cry when i think about it. then at 17 i found my future husband and got too comfortable, years went by and i gained weight lil by lil. i looked at myself one day and i was like OMFG!! im a fatty again! i saved my favorite skinny jeans, they are the ones i wore on me and my husbands first date! a size 29!!!! again OMFG!! i dont know if ill ever get into them again seems somewhat impossible when i look at them and they look like they can button up on my thigh! So basically i think it will be helpful for me to talk about this somewhere and since im not a very good diary keeper im going to do it here! I do keep a log on what i eat all day everyday supposedly thats good cause then you wont want want to write down you ate chips and dip on there. i read that somewhere, dont know how effective it is but im doing it. Ill let you know my progress if i ever have any! i do need to start doing some cardio, im pretty sure thatll boost up the weight loss! lol wish me luck!!


  1. ugh, isnt it such a struggle when trying to lose weight?! Ive tried so many times.. & each time unfortunately I never stick to them. =( I really wanted to try the p90x thing & bought all the accessories but then realized I couldnt do it here in my apt due to the lousy noise complaineres downstairs & all the jumping that needs to happen in p90x.
    I LOVE my magic bullet blender too.. isnt it neat?! & its just the size for a 1-2 serving & so much easier to clean! haha.. but the blades kinda suck, I only use mine for smoothies & i dont think ive had THAT many smoothies within the yr Ive had it, but the blades are already dull =(

  2. oh my husband got the p90x too!! i want to start doing the cardio disc! and yes my bullet is awesome! im sad to hear my baldes will dull soon dont they have a warranty or something? yes weight loss is a major struggle for me! i hope to stick to it this time!!

  3. story of my life! I too was once NOT skinny but good. You know not too flabby, not too bone-y! And then came the hubby and my car. :( I used to walk like crazy and not to brag or anything like that, but I must say I had some nice legs. And now I drive everywhere and my once nice toned legs have turned to Flab! ugh.... its sooo horrible how being comfortable with your significant other can have such an effect on you. Not that I wish I didn't have my vato, cuz I do love the guy. I just wish I didn't let myself so comfortable and let myself go. :'( 'tis so sad.
    I myself am gona start the INSANITY work out. :/ which I must say I am very nervous about, but I need to do something to get this weight off! I'm doing the diet or healthy eating as well, but like you said nothing is happening. So lets hope I can stick to it to...

    ps.... sorry for my ramblings and most important GOOD LUCK!!!

  4. yay!! we can do it together!!! im serious!