Friday, January 29, 2010

Smokey Red

So the other day while i was using the 88 palette, i noticed an awesome matte red eyeshadow. I told my self, "self we must use this eyeshadow next" so here we are! I know the red and black has been done, and redone and even done over, but here is MINE! No im not going to call it my "goth look" or "punk rock madness" look. haha i dont understand why people say that about red and black combination, do you call pink and black your "goth look" no its your "sexy V Day look" boggles the mind.

First, as always i primed my eye with Painterly Paint Pot from MAC. Then with an EcoTools brush (i got mine from Walgreens) I tapped on the bright red cream color from my Ben Nye Master Bruise Wheel as base for the red eyeshadow. This worked AMAZINGLY!! I placed that up to my crease and blended the harsh line with my finger.

With the 88 Palette (I FORGOT TO MARK IT SOMEHOW BEFORE I UPLOADED!!) its the bottom row, third from the right eyeshadow. I used my Sonia Kashuk small eyeshadow brush packed in the color and placed it on my lid up to the crease and blended.

With the same brush i went in with the Danger Zone Trio from MAC. It is limited edition from the Red She Said Collection, but you can use Coppering eyeshadow also from MAC or NYX Rust. It wont look exactly the same but it will give the same effect. Or you can use any other shimmery red eyeshadow you may have. I packed the color on my brush and placed it over the matte red eyeshadow, I know it may seem like "why did i just use the matte red eyeshadow then?" but the Danger Zone red with my skin tone has somewhat of an orange/red tone and i wanted RED! so that why i did the first step.

In the tear duct area with a small crease brush i used Platinum Pigment from MAC. You just need a TINY bit, its so pigmented and frosty you wont need much on your brush. Its like wearing foil paper on your eyes! After i placed the pigment i went back in with the Sonia Kashuk brush and blended it in with the red eyeshadow.

For my crease i used Carbon from MAC. I first used a sephora blending eye brush just so i could get further into the tear duct with more precision.

Then with a Sonia Kashuk crease brush i went ahead and built up the color and blended up the eyeshadow and deepend the black eyeshadow in my crease.

With the same brush i went in the Ardell's Brow Defining Powder in Mink. Yes its for my brows but its a beautiful brown and i wanted a darker brown to help blend the black without having turn into that smudgy grey color. So i placed the brown right on and above Carbon and with circle motions i blended upward.

With my trusty Face Secrets Eyeshadow Blender brush, i used Shroom from MAC as a highlight. Pack the color on the brush, Shroom isnt particularly very pigmented so when i say pack i mean PACK! Place the shadow on your brow bone and blend down into the brown shadow. You might have to go back in the some brown because you will lose color.

Because my eyeshadow was already red i chose to go with a more neutral blush and highlight. So for my blush i used All's Good from MAC limited edition with the Warm and Cozy Collection. You can still buy it though! and for highlight also from the Warm and Cozy Collection is Comfort Mineralized Skinfinish. These compliment each other really well!! I LOVE the Combo.

On my lips im wearing Plum Dandy lipstick from MAC and over that i used Hard Candy Plumping Gloss in Girl Next Door.

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  1. I'm gona try this look out. I've never been one to pull off red eyeshadow. But this seems like it might work.