Monday, January 25, 2010

Is this thing on?

Well thats an awesome way to start a blog. Post the first one and not again for 3 days! I didnt mean for it to happen that way i did want to post more, but my make up has been somewhat uneventful seeing that im not "allowed" to buy any until Feb. Which i did think about BEFORE i started the blog but i was way to excited and couldnt wait until then. BUT today i was pretty excited, i was going to redo all the labels on my MAC eyeshadows and have them look all nice and neat the way i would like them to. I kinda have an OCD about the way i like things to be organized and stored. So anywho...... my husband and i went to the store get to get some ink. After arguing in the printer aisle about which ink is the right one, we get home and im like "oh yeah gonna print my labels!!!" i bought the "avery self adehesive circle stickers" and you can go online and it gives you a template to use to print on them. There i am ungluing my current labels and getting everything ready when my wonderful husband comes into the room and says "the needle........blah blah blah blah blah" literally thats what i heard! so basically the printer doesnt work! Now my finger tips hurt from handling the lil eyeshadow pots, im high from the alcohol fumes and my eyeshadows arent done! LOL i sound hysterical. its my hormones i promise you. Now im sad cause i cant post pictures like i wanted to of my labels. which is ok no big deal. They will be up soon. OH! I also painted the tips of my make up brushes last night! Im getting more lil make up jobs here and there which is AMAZING! im really excited about that! I plan to order some business cards soon. I never really thought about painting the tips of my brushes because im the only one in the house the uses them! So i did my research (youtube of course) on why people paint their brushes. They had valid points! 1) you could be doing a make up job with other MUAs and you dont want to mix up or misplace your brushes. 2) you just want to know that those are YOUR brushes! with out any doubt! Thats why i did it to be honest. Im not gonna lose a potential future client because i want to claim a brush that could or could not be mine. Understand what i mean? This is the end of my short blog tonight. Tomorrow i will post pics of something! Be it my make up for the day or my painted make up brushes! If ANYONE is reading this please let me know if theres anything you would like to see me post! Oh lord i cant wait til Feb. i dont think my blog will make it...........

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