Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not Really For Valentines Day But..........

Yay!! FINALLY some make up pictures!! Although i do feel like im talking to myself.... i know someday ill have some followers. LOL. For this "look" i dont know what else to call it. I used mainly an 88 palette i bought on ebay. Its the EXACT same thing as the Coastal Scents Palette if you have/use that one. Except i didnt pay their ridiculous shipping fees. I paid 99 CENTS for the palette and $11.99 for shipping, so about $13.00. Pretty good yeah? i thought so. I did use some MAC products as well. I didnt, not because i didnt want to but because i didnt think about taking pictures of the brushes i used, but future posts will have pictures of the product and brush used.

I started out priming my eyelid with Painterly Paint Pot from MAC from brow bone to lash line. After that i used this Bed Head by TIGI lipstick/lipliner in the color Perfect Pink. Yes i know its for the lips but it has a great texture for a base! So i put that on my lid up to the crease and blended it with my finger.

With a fluffly angled shadow brush (i used an essence of beauty angled brush.) I lightly brushed on Blanc Type from MAC into my crease and up the brow bone. NOT into the pink liner. This is just to help the strong eyeshadow colors blend easier into each other. I need to get something closer to my skin tone but for now this is what i use and it works awesome.

Now with the palette i numbered them in the order used, i thought it would be the easiest way to explain.
1) With a stiff brush (i used sonia kashuk small eyeshadow brush) pack the color into the brush and tap it in the inner corner of the eye.
2) With the same brush tap this eyeshadow on the remaining part of the eye, continue until you get the vibrancy you want.
3) With a fluffy brush (i used a sephora blending eye brush) add this eyeshadow to the outer "C" area and above the crease. use circle motions to help blend out the eyeshadow. This eyeshadow to me was a lil blotchy when applying so be patient and keep adding color SLOWLY! add a lil eyeshadow and blend add a lil more and blend. PATIENCE GRASSHOPPER!BLENDING IS KEY!
4) With a crease brush (i used essence of beauty crease duo brush the larger of the two) you can use a pencil brush as well, i think they are basically the same. Pick up some color and with the same circle motions use this shadow in the crease only. blend up with "shadow3". To help blend the two together pick up a tiny bit of both shadows on the same brush and blend where they meet.

With the same crease brush i used Beauty Marked from MAC to deepen the crease, the dark purple eyeshadow wasnt enough for me i wanted it to be just a lil darker. i didnt want to use just a black eyeshadow because i felt that would be too much for the look. This worked out better.

For the highlight i used two eyeshadows. Nylon from MAC and Creamy from NYX. With a big stiff brush (i used Face Secrets eyeshadow blender brush) i picked up some Nylon and tapped it ONLY under the arch of my brow, then went over it with Creamy and blended into the eyeshadow. This gives the NYX shadow a really nice effect because Nylon is such a frosty color and Creamy is a great highlight but doesnt really give off the "BAM" factor lol. i had to go back in the "shadow3" and blend with Creamy. I used the sephora blending eye brush for this.

Then with a small stiff brush (i used sephrora smudger eye brush) i packed Motif from MAC in the tear duct area blending it with "shadow1" just for a lil "pop" of something.

For my cheeks i used Eversun beauty powder from MAC its limited edition i bought this when it was out with the Style Warrior collection. For highlight i used By Candlelight mineralized skinfinish from MAC also limited edition from the Warm and Cozy collection. Although you can still purchase it!!

Lips, I used NYX lipliner in Natural. Lipstick in Warm Me Up from MAC limited edition Warm and Cozy collection.

TADA! Finished Product! This was fun!! MORE TO COME!!


  1. I freaken Love this look!!! I'm in Barbie colors mode right now, and this is an AWSOME look that plays into my current obsesstion.

  2. Such a gorgeous look! Do you by any chance have a link to the buyer you got this palette from *if they still have some*? Would really appreciate it! Thanks. <3