Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Is Everybody In? The Ceremony Is About To Begin"...

My very first blog entry! I didnt think i would be this excited! Yet here i am, no one will rain on my parade. Not today Johnny RainCloud. To begin i should introduce myself right? My name is Rachel, wife and soon to be mother of 2. I am 7 months pregnant with a girl! yay! BUT thats not why we are here! This blog my friends will be about my passion, love, and daily struggle with a make up addiction. No joke. I love it so much i just want to talk about it all the time! Like when MAC comes out with a new collection i swear i break out in hives until i have what i want from the collection and then after that, i think about a new collection they have coming and now i have to wait until that one comes out and the hives start all over again. See what i mean?! Its a vicious circle. So i would like you to join me on this bandwagon if you have the same symptoms i do. Ill most likely post pics of myself describing the make up im wearing, cause i seem to like taking pictures of myself. haha but dont we all? i wont only talk about make up although 90% will be. i will not lie to you. ill post about skin care, hair care, etc. Anything that beautifiez you! Im going to apologize in advance though im not gonna post about any *NEW* make up until FEB 11 to be precise. im holding out on myself to save up for the MAC SpringColour Forecast collection. If you dont know this collection, it is 4 collections in 1! why would MAC be so cruel?! i dont know! Its madness.

Theres the Forecast1 which is PINKS, then ForeCast2 which is CORAL i believe, then ForeCast3 PURPLE or PLUM and ForeCast4 which i think is GOLD. Two of these lil collections come with quads, ($36 USD) and yes i want them both. The other 2 come with 4 eyeshadows (14.50 USD) but I dont want all of those lol. Each of them come with a new "Blush Ombre" ($25 USD) and yes i want ALL of those. So you can see why im penny pinching for this one. After that my husband will probably ban me from stepping foot into a MAC store! So until then i will be posting things like"top 10 fav eyeshadows" or blush, i LOVE blush! random things of that nature. Now im off to bed! ill probably lay there thinking about what to post tomorrow. Hooray for a new addiction! BLOGGING!

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